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We've all seen the recent proliferation of reality shows littering the airwaves. Though I will admit to watching a few episodes of Survivor myself, it seems to me that the genre is degenerating as show after show tries to out-sleaze, out-gross or out-degrade it's predecesors.

I for one would like to see some quality reality programming! How about a tiki reality show?

What is the setting?
The stakes?
The reward?
The players?

Anyone out there have any ideas?

Good question and very timely.

I, too, have watched my share of reality tv and not just Survivor.

The one problem I have with Survivor is that the races are somewhat meaningless. Other shows, like Fearfactor or DogEatDog, the competition is, as you say, degrading, like being forced to eat insects, lay in a bed of snakes, etc.

Therefore, my Tiki reality show would be set, somewhat appropriately, on Easter Island, although I acknowledge the producers may have to plant a few more palm trees\foliage to give the aetting a more tropical look.

The selection process would include a Jaywalking type segment where hopefuls were asked questions like:

Is Easter Island famous for
(a) bunny rabits,
(b) moais or
(c) Easter baskets?

Does the word ahu mean
(a) I sneezed
(b) a platform for the moai, or
(c) someone from Whoville?


Is a topknot
(a) a way to tie a tie
(b) the uppermost portion of the moai or
(c) the title given to the best knot- tier on the island?

The competition would include:

  1. who could tame a wild horse;
  2. who could land the biggest fish;
  3. who could plant the most palm trees;
  4. outrigger canoe races;
  5. tag-team foot races across the island;

and, of course, the 2 bonus point contests:

  1. the bird man competition and
  2. how to make the moai walk & stand.

However, I do live in "the Real World," so my show would also have the scantily clad wahines & hunks, plenty of hula dancing and much rum so as to encourage on-screen mating.

Octane posted on Tue, Jul 1, 2003 9:58 AM

don't forget a good drink contest, where you put the players mixing skills to the test. you could even have Tiki foke come on as judges to taste the drinks and see who the winners is. or maybe a carving contest, to see who carves the best tiki.

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