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Club Mali Kai, Bridgeton, MO (bar)

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Name:Club Mali Kai
Street:Red Carpet Inn - 4600 N Lindbergh


Well here is a new find from the Show Me state of Missouri. The Club Mali Kai was located inside the Red Carpet Inn in Bridgeton, Missouri (just outside of St. Louis). I acquired this brochure from the hotel.

Inside the hotel lobby, not much to look at.

But what's this? A sign for happy hour at Club Mali Kai.

Here is the photo of the bar. Lamps, fishnet floats, Outrigger.

There is a Tiki on the left and it looks like a row of Tikis on the back wall.

To make things a little more interesting, here is a Mali Kai drink menu that sold on ebay a few months ago. It had no location listed.

Looks to be the same Tiki as the entrance sign.

A research project for our Missouri field agents.


Nice postcard/internet archeology, DC !

That Mali Kai menu is actually a good example of Poly Pop's Transmission Tradition, by its cut-out concept and much of its design being based on the famed Ren Clark menu:

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Here is the matchbook from the Club Mali Kai.

Now how about the backside, it's ladies night all week and a convenient location for a name and phone number! Must have been the 1980s.


1980s confirmed! A newspaper ad espousing Polynesian atmosphere with a Disco beat!!

And another homage to the Ren Clark Tiki.


*Club Mali Kai

In the Red Carpet Inn, 4690 N. Lindbergh.

Polynesian atmosphere. Live music by the Third Degree and disco music during band breaks. Happy hour from 3:30 to 7, band plays from 9 to 1 nightly. Special Sunday night dance contest from 7 to midnight. *

  • St. Louis Dispatch, April 6, 1978.

It looks as if this place was demolished some time ago to make way for a road which skirts the perimeter of Saint Louis' Lambert airport.

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