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Luau Manor, Pico Rivera, CA (apartments)

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Otto posted on Thu, Jan 17, 2013 10:04 PM

Name: Luau Manor
Type: apartments
Street: 8423 Washington Blvd
City: Pico Rivera
State: CA
country: USA
Status: operational

This apartment complex appears to have been a very nice Poly Pop oasis. Just like most of its neighbors on nearby Rosemead Blvd., it has fallen on poorer times and now has security gates all around and even barbed wire around back. The main front entrance bears signs that there may have been a small lagoon and bridge crossing, now filled in as a planter with a slightly winding walkway. Inside (through the bars) are lava rock islands filled with tropical plants around a pool courtyard.

Possibly the most interesting feature left is the typeface on the slab dingbat in front:

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