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The Beachcomber, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada (restaurant)

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Name:The Beachcomber
Street:Midtown Centre
country:Saskatchewan, Canada


Well, this is an interesting new find. It appears that there was a 6th Beachcomber Restaurant located at the Midtown Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan. I found an ad from December 1968 which looks like it was from when the restaurant had first opened.

As with the other Beachcombers, it was created and supervised by Mr. Jack Porter.

It was located in the Midtown Centre which was a mall that was built in 1964 on the site of the old City Hall,

All of the matchbooks I have seen list only five locations and not this one.

Why have we not heard of this one you may ask? Well this ad tells us that the restaurant was sold and renamed the Kona Kea in 1970.

Another ad from 1971 shows that it was still open a year later.

Any Canadian Tiki folks heard of this location (either The Beachcomber or Kona Kea)?


DC, I have a co-worker who is from Regina. She's in her early 40s, let me see what she remembers.

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