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Bamboo Question

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Can any members experienced in working with bamboo offer some advice? Last weekend I helped a friend clear his yard of some bamboo that was taking over from his neighbor's yard. I would like to put it to good use, but it is still green and seems to split and crack pretty easily right now. They never mentioned that on Gilligan's Island.... We've got it stacked off the ground in his backyard at the moment. Anyone have any advice on how best to cure it and how long this might take? This, or any other bamboo advice, would be mucho appreciated.

I hear using it for bar-b-que it a good idea. Just ask Ben.

Ah, yes, the famous "mesquite of the tropics". :)


Mr Bastard,

Be careful using bamboo as it might be infested with critters you don't want around other structures.

Most bamboo sold by establishments such as Oceanic Arts etc, has been fumigated.

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