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Tiki "crap" on ebay.

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I know that ebay is an open market for everyone and anyone to sell their stuff...
But come on... There is nothing more annoying than seeing mislabeld stuff or trying to be tricked into viewing unrelated merchandise.

I typed in the word tiki, (I know that I could have used a more specific filter...), and I got everything from bikini's, asian lamps, luggage, to rubberbands (a while back).

Was up wit that?

Has anyone else seen any non-tiki items up for bid?

Octane posted on Tue, Jul 1, 2003 1:43 PM

i had the same problem, what i did to narrow it down was to find say a tiki mug or something that was actually tiki, and not a bunch of crap. you then look under the title at the little blue writing which tells which catagory it is in. look for culture, Hawaiian,tiki and that takes you closer to the real tiki stuff.

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How about that Tiki Barber guy. Where does he get off trying to sell all that football crap as Tiki?


I swear that I saw someone selling toothpaste as a tiki item. 8)
I also saw a rubberband with the word tiki written on it. I almost bought it.

Do taxidermy'ed animals qualify as tiki?
I found a dead bird in my fireplace. :P

You know how they do all those bobble-heads of sports figures? What about a Tiki of Tiki Barber? How's that for a promotional item...


Hey MTKahuna,

I hear you. There's lots of non-tiki BS under a 'Tiki' search.

I'm making it my life's mission to 'neutralize' whoever is posting those god damn bali beads under tiki!

P.S. Do you still have and do you want to sell that Sam's mug you had? If so, email me and I'll buy it.



The next I sell an item on Ebay, I will submit in the title bar," This crap has absolutely nothing to do with tiki". I will surely get a lot more hits\looks, and probably get a higher bid.


I was just venting... Frustrating day at the office. :oops:


I might be stating what everyone already knows, but under "search" you can put in words you don't want to come up in your searches: "Barber","Sign","resort","Buffet", etc. When the search results come up, there's a tiny link somewhere in the upper right area that says "save search". That way it's easy to adjust your search criteria over time.

I haven't found a way to edit the saved searches, so I simply do a search, add more words i want it to leave out, then re-save it and delete the old search.

How about a "Tiki, atomic, Eames era, modern, moderne, postwar, prewar, world war, retro, Eichler, vintage, antique, Bachelor Pad, lounge, space age, mod, op-art Bag of dust from the collection of a Shag inspired artist's basement"

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