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I just have to vent about eBay sellers & buyers!

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I hope this seller isn't a TC member because they just bug me! I tolerated it when he was the first to start listing the FREE Mondo Tiki stuff. I tolerated when he sold all his Palm Springs little posters that he advertized as prints. But when I saw these auctions last week it just killed me. Why would anyone want to tear apart a SHAG signed book to sell individually on ebay? Plus, people are going to pay this high a price? Come on....it's a PAGE out of a BOOK. It's NOT a real print! My gosh..people will make a buck off of any FREE thing they receive!

Sorry, I just had to vent! Whew..I feel better. :wink:



I've been wondering how this seller managed to corner Shag into signing so many individual pages from his book. Can you rent Shag's autographing services by the half hour?


Gosh, that book must have done something awful to deserve getting ripped apart like that. Good books never get that type of disrespect. It was probably asking for it when it allowed itself to get signed!


Sometime back "Islands" magazine featured the artwork of Shag, (I will have to dig through my old issues to find out which one). With the added attention Shag is getting there's always someone out there who will take advantage of that in anyway they can. What next from this seller-tear out another page and sell it as an unsigned piece?

Since I am often suspicious of Shag signed items (in reality, ANY signed items) for sale on ebay, I would suspect that the seller has this as a "private auction" because:

  1. the seller doesn't want the potential buyers to be swamped with emails saying "this is from a book, stupid!" or "watch out, it might be a counterfeit signature!", or the like.

  2. the seller has a shill bidder in place: Someone that places a fake bid to quickly raise the bid to make others assume that what they are seeing is a "hot" or "must get" item, thus creating a fake bidding war for a regular/common item.

Just my suspicious mind and 2 coconuts worth.

I guess he got the idea from the stupid bastard that just bought one of the three last remaining original Babe Ruth Uniforms. This numb nuts is going to cut it up and sell pieces with a trading card and a stick of gum for something like $50 bucks. Things are only valuable when its the entire thing. Next we will be cutting up the Mona Lisa and sell part of it so we can all say we are art collectors.

My guess is that Shag didn't sign these, they're probably forged. Shag's signature
looks easy to copy. Why would he sign all the pages in one persons book? It almost make me want to bid one up to a $1000 and then tell him to go f*ck hhimself when he tries to collect.

On 2003-07-01 14:53, Suburban Hipster wrote:
I've been wondering how this seller managed to corner Shag into signing so many individual pages from his book. Can you rent Shag's autographing services by the half hour?

Away on a tangent but Salvidore Dali spent the last years of his life signing blank paper that is still being used to make "signed" prints to this day.

Hmmmmm. How about a consipracy theory? Perhaps it's Shag himself who, after months and months of seeing his mugs, prints, shirts, stickers, books, stationery, ad nauseum peddled on ebay for hundreds of dollars more than what they were purchased for, decided to get on the $hag bandwagon and start making some real money off of himself. $112.00 per picture out of one of his books with his authograph? Not a bad idea since obviously there are plenty of consumers ready, willing and able to fork over the cash. Hmmmmm.

Caveat Emptor, quia ignorare non debuit quod ius alienum emit.

Uka waka naka haka eeki leeki how!
Take that A.C.!


I'm sure I saw this seller at the A-Z show with his bag full of trinkets being signed. It just saddens me when someones only collecting Shag's signature at a show to immediately gain monetary value instead of keeping it to enjoy and look at. I guess I'm a "true collector" of Shag and couldn't part with something so precious to me so soon after gaining the autograph.

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