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Chows Restaurant - Dorval, QC, Canada - Open for business!, Dorval, Quebec, Canada (restaurant)

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Name:Chows Restaurant - Dorval, QC, Canada - Open for business!
Street:335 Avenue Dorval
City:Dorval, Quebec (Suburb of Montreal)
Zip:H9S 3H6
Phone:514) 636-4770

This little place has been a fixture in my hometown for over 50 years. Nothing fancy, but they have a decent little buffet for $6.50 and great Chinese takeout! Lots of Tiki-goodness inside including bamboo walls, Polynesian textiles, and beautiful, ornate Polynesian style hanging lamps. I asked one of the waiters about the light fixtures and he said they came from a company that doesn't exist anymore. The pictures are blurry and don't do them justice. They really are glowing works of art with bits of colored glass, shells, wicker and bamboo.

These photos were taken at noon on a winter day so the lighting isn't as nice and cozy as it would be at night. I LOVE the Tiki door handle leading into the restaurant. You have to grab it by the mouth to pull the door open, something my friend distinctly remembers doing as a kid.

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Welcome to Tiki Central, Mrs. Pulu. Thanks for the pictures of Chow's. What an great time capsule of a place. I really need to visit Montreal again soon, it's been almost 20 years. Those lamps are from Orchids of Hawaii. Just for the record, there's another thread for Chow's here: http://www.tikicentral.com/viewtopic.php?topic=13696&forum=2


I live in Ile Perrot, just a few kilometers away from this place, but I've never been there because of what I heard about the food. What can you say about that? Is it a health hazard as I've been told?

Thanks for the pics. Now I'm eager to go there and have a look...


The food is nothing fancy but it's fine. I wouldn't feed it to someone you want to impress though, so maybe not ideal for a first date!


On 2013-02-03 21:26, Sweet Daddy Tiki wrote:
Those lamps are from Orchids of Hawaii.

Thanks for welcome and that's really interesting about the lamps. I want one very badly now!


Mrs Pulu...

If you want a lamp like those, there's one for sale at Kitch and Swell, a vintage store on St-Laurent boulevard. I bought this one for myself a few months back...

But there's another one in the store. It's smaller but nice. I don't remember how much thy ask for it. About 250$, I would say. I've been told that both lamps come from the long gone Kon Tiki restaurant in Montreal.


Gorgeous lamp! (love all your stuff in that picture) Thanks for the tip! I read that some of the Kon Tiki lights ended up in Jardin Tiki (near the Olympic Stadium) which is still open.

I remember going to the Kon Tiki when I was really young. It was a pretty magical place to a 4 year old...the dim, colorful lighting, the foliage and the tiki mugs that my virgin pina colada came in. I think going to that place when I was that age made me love tiki stuff as an adult.

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