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Aloha! Just wondering members are neglecting to say where they are from in their profiles? I could have a TC'er living just around the corner and not even know it! So, if you have omitted this info, why not go back and edit your profile?


Speaking of which, where exactly is Woodland?


I was guilty of lack of "area info" in my profile and someone bought it to my attention.
All you need to do is be logged in, go to "EDIT PROFILE" and put you city or general geological area (if you are paranoid)in the "FROM" box. It would be nice of everyone to enter REAL info, because something like TIKIVILLE is a little too vague. Thanks everyone-check your profile, you might not realize that your "FROM" info is missing.


To find Woodland, if you are flying into Sacramento, CA all you have to do is head North on I-5 nine miles (Sacramento is the other way, South on I-5 nine miles) Woodland has a population of 50,000 and growing. Just 76 miles North East of San Francisco for those of you who don't know where Sacramento is!

[ Edited by: bendatiki on 2003-07-01 19:24 ]

Bendertiki, Woodland is about the same size as Turdlock. Are you coming to my Shindig on the 5th? (See Events Forum)

All profile information is options. Sometimes people here don't like exposing their real name or where they live, for privacy reasons.

Hopefully though more people will fill out their profiles!


The most recent situation where us SoCal Hoity Toity's needed real locations and email addresses was for Sabu's birthday. It couldn't be announced publicly on TC that we were going to have a gathering for his birthday, so we all relied on the "location" on the members listing and hoped that there was also a current email address listed too.

Since TC is VERY different from other on-line communities, whereby we actually like to meet in person rather than just being on-line friends, I'm hoping that more members will fill out their profiles as much as possible.

Like Hanford said, it is an option, and I hope everyone takes advantage of it, since you never know if YOUR local TC friends might schedule a surprise party for YOU! (It could happen!)


On 2003-07-01 18:34, bendatiki wrote:
Just 76 miles North East of San Francisco for those of you who don't know where Sacramento is!

Ahh, yes Sacramento. The home of the States un-named majority party (so as to not start a ruckus!), where they honestly believe government will make you smarter, richer (only if you don't work), taller and get the crabgrass out of your front lawn...

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