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How to bend wicker?

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I am trying to bend wicker around a radius for use in furniture. I followed the advice of the folks at Franks Cane and Rush here in So Cal with mixed results. They said to soak the wicker in water for 2 days and then bend it. After taking its shape let it dry for 3 days. Lets just say that even though I made a cylindrical mold and put the wicker inside of it, the curvature was not consisent (it has good curves followed by little elbows)

I need some tips, anyone know where to get info?



Hey D, I would probably try a second inner ring with a v-groove to help with the smoother bends.


I always just use a 'wicker bender'. I keep it next to the 'lumber stretcher' I use when I make cuts too short.

(my woodshop teacher - 3-finger Smith - always said "measure twice, cut once".)

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