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Kon Titi, Riviera Beach (Palm Beach Shores), Florida, Riviera Beach, FL (apartments)

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Name:Kon Titi, Riviera Beach (Palm Beach Shores), Florida
Street:155 Ocean Ave.
City:Riviera Beach

Kon Titi Motel and Apartments.

Found these postcards on ebay while looking up postcards on my old stomping grounds in Lake Park, Riviera Beach and North Palm Beach. I used to ride my bicycle from the southern edge of Lake Park, through Riviera and over the Singer island bridge to Singer Island which is a barrier island (80'-90's). I vaguely remember the Kon Titi sign, but I'm not sure if it was called something else then. Singer Island is part of Riviera Beach, but the locals like to refer to the area as "Singer Island" or "Palm Beach Shores" to differintiate the area from Riviera on the mainland. Photo on first card looks to be taken just after being built, no landscaping or even a parking lot that I can see. Second card is a bit later....seventies car in the lot and a 305 area code...the area code was 305 when I first arrived in '84, but soon changed a couple of times in the 80's.

Front of Older card:
Back of Older card:

Front of Newer card:
Back of Newer card:


Cards are availible on ebay....second card is under "Kon Titu". Probably a mis-type.


Looks like a titi con to me: With no tities, nor Tikis, nor anything Kon Tiki... :)

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'TITI ' CON? What are the odds?

On 2013-02-18 21:01, bigbrotiki wrote:
Looks like a titi con to me: With no tities, nor Tikis, nor anything Kon Tiki... :)

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Oh! But contraire! If you look closely at the sign in the second card, there appears what may be a tiki mask attached!

I'll concur that their isn't much of anything "tiki" in either card, and that more than likely the Kon Titi probably didn't have really anything polynesian during it's whole existence apart from the name, roof style and mask on the sign. But, since the photo in the first card appears to be shortly after construction, and the photos in the second card appear to be from the '70s, maybe....just maybe....there was a period in between the two where the Kon Titi was more tiki.


You are so right! My offer: a KINGDOM for a good frontal shot of that sign !!!

I snagged that large postcard on ebay, there were Tikis!

The cool sign

A close up showing the palm Tiki, directly under the spotlight.

You can see another rootball Tiki back by the entrance path on the right.

And another rootball Tiki can be spotted at the back of the pool photo (left of the pool slide.

The room also had nice rattan furniture.

Back of the card.

Nice find Howlinowl.


Thanks. Wish I had looked closer at the property when I still lived in the area.

I still work in the Lake Park area, but live in Port Saint Lucie. Rode my motorcycle by the area to check it out. Kon Titi is long gone, there's some kind of condo complex there now. Didn't take a photo of it, if anyone's interested in whats there now, they can Google the address. Not surprising as a lot of cool old hotels (Colonnades, Commander, Rutledge Inn) that were on the beach in the area when I first moved there have been knocked down so they can build condos and sell the same view to multiple owners that are stacked one on top of the other.


Edit: After looking over the cards again.... I'm not quite sure that the first is after construction after all. The property was on the beach, and I'm now thinking that the first card is a pic of the building from the beachside (back) of the building. The second is from the streetside (front) of the building.

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EXCELLENT postcard archeology there, DC-man! I could swear you were inching around to the front of the sign as you were zooming in! It really holds up well in close-up. C'mon, admit it, you have one of those Bladerunner photo enhancers! :D

DustyCajun at home, at work on a Tiki postcard

That text portion is pretty cool too: "The South Sea Islanders never had it so good..."

I wonder how tenants there felt when they had to answer the "So where do you live?" question.

P.S.: Those root ball Tikis are one and the same. And please, I want to see what is depicted on that painting on the rattan wall..."Enhance left"..."Stop!"...."Enhance, up!"..."Stop"...."Give me a hardcopy"

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