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Outrigger Room, Kapok Tree Inn, Clearwater, FL (restaurant)

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Name:Outrigger Room, Kapok Tree Inn
Street:North Haines Road

The Kapok Tree Inn was a really wild looking place located in Clearwater, Florida. There are many postcards and photos showing the tropical grounds and exotic rooms.

I recently got this postcard of the crazy looking Outrigger Room where they went a little bit Tiki crazy.

A very nice outrigger hanging from the ceiling, and how about that carpet!

Some Tikis.

Back of the card.

Do a Goolgle search for images of this place, it was wild.


Thank you for all the great posts. Wendy

WOW! I went to the Kapok Tree as a kid and recently stopped by to see what they have done to the building and grounds but its now a music store and rental hall??? they didn't seem to encouraging to the casual visitor. do you know if you can still get into the outrigger room or if any of the furnishings are still there?

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