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Der Imbiss W, 10119 Berlin, Germany (restaurant)

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Name:Der Imbiss W
Street:Kastanienalle 49
City:10119 Berlin

Small eatery located just off the street corner and a few blocks from the nearest U-Bahn station. The place is clean and well maintained, it is definitely neotiki. Lot's Tiki's in a small area. Unfortunately no mixed drink. It has a vegetarian menu and a unique Volcano Oven that cooks food up quickly. Website: http://www.w-derimbiss.de

Really enjoyed my visit to Imbiss W. It had Exotica in the air and is run by a real Tiki aficionado, Mr Gordon W. a Canadian Expat. Unfortunately no mixed drinks but the beer is cold. He has a fantastic Volcano Oven that will cook up a meal in no time. Our seafood appetizers were spectacular. It is a bit a local hangout and a few blocks walk from the closet U-Bahn station. But well worth it.

Not only does the W Imbiss have Exotica in the air, it has it in its bloodline:

Proprietor Gordon W. is not only a talented chef...

...but was a member of the early artist/Exotica group KBZ 200:

...with artists Laura Kikauka and Gordon Monahan as the other core members. These pioneering vinyl archeologists began to stage long, multi-stage performances in the early 90s...

...that were all based on different versions of the same three Exotica classics: Caravan, Taboo, and Quiet Village:

First on 3 cassettes, together containing 81 versions of the three songs...

...then on CD (as shown above). They also played these three songs in 18 hour-long life performances with multiple bands, while Laura Kikauka utilized her famed Coconut Milk Bra:

Gordon W was an accomplished Theremin player in the band, but he also did show-cooking as part of their "Irritainment" philosophy...

I was fortunate to meet them in the mid- to later 90s, when they operated the magical "Schmalzwald" nightclub in Berlin...

...where I was invited to present one of my first Tiki slide lectures in Europe...

..with Gordon W as the M.C. :)

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Here's some of Laura's art and installations, she outfitted Schmalzwald

porco posted on Fri, Mar 1, 2013 7:06 AM

schmalzwald looks like a magical place...would have loved to experience.

porco posted on Mon, Mar 4, 2013 9:58 AM


would it be possible for you to give us some more details on "schmalzwald"? there are numerous photos out there, but very little details about it. it looks like it was such an intriguing place/concept, would love to know more of its history if possible. thanks!

Well, the concept was like many of Laura Kikauka's art projects, "Found objects assemblage" in art speak. Not period correct but in spirit it resembled the floor to ceiling decor of a Tiki bar, except the flotsam and jetsam used to decorate Schmalzwald did not come from faraway exotic lands (some of it did), but from discarded plastic kitsch (and kitchen-) items of the urban jungle and 99c stores. It succeeded in creating the Tiki bar effect of stepping into another reality upon entering the space.

They served drinks, played vinyl rarities and Gordon W cooked yummy snacks. Artists performed music or other things. When they lost the lease to their original location at the Prater, a second, equally dazzling Schmalzwald was erected in another Berlin backyard building, only to be shut down far too soon because of neighbors' complaints.

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