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March 9 • Washington, DC area • Mai Tai Gathering

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It has been a while, but it is time for one of our "yeah-I-know-it-isn't-much-notice" Rum/Mai Tai/Tiki Drink gatherings.

This time for those with a loose schedule and who are feeling adventurous, there are a couple of special treats in store. We have a new place to visit but is run by an familiar friend.

For those of you who got to visit Foong Lin in Bethesda before it's untimely closing last September, you will be please to hear that he has reopened in a new location. They are now House of Foong Lin. The new place is great and features lounge with a fireplace and a fun bar to gather round. Unfortunately the decor is zero tiki, BUT they have a great tiki drink menu to choose from (one of the largest in the area) and recently have introduced a Mai Tai '44 to their drink offerings (the Mai Tai '44 is a made from scratch Mai Tai, no mixes, and using a recipe that ol' Vic himself would approve of).

Anyway, a bunch of us will be getting together tonight at 7. We'll be meeting in the lounge for drinks and depending on how many show up we may either take over the bar (seats about 12) or move the gathering to the dinning room for one of the big round tables. Btw, there is a 200 space parking lot directly across the street from the place and it is FREE on Saturdays and Sundays! And for you Metro lovers, it is just a few minutes walk from the Bethesda Metro.

So, again, sorry for the late notice, and I know some of you won't be able make it, but there's always another just around the corner :wink:

For those who can make it, feel free to pass on the word to those you think might enjoy and join in. Rumor has it that the rum and lime shipment just came in yesterday, so as always:
"The More the Merrier!"

Dr. Coruba

that was one tasty black magic they had at the old place! highly recommended!

An after-visit recap is in the the Locating Tiki forum:

Wish I could have made it! I'm still working on getting up there again soon!

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