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The Tiki Lodge, Modesto, CA (hotel)

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Name:The Tiki Lodge
Street:936 McHenry Ave.

The Tiki Lodge. (formerly Rodeway Inn, formerly Tropics Hotel, next to The Tiki Lounge, Tiki Cocktails

Their new logo and sign out front along McHenry.

Oki NiKsoKoWa
(Hello all my relatives)

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Cool! When did it become the Tiki Lodge? Last time we were in Modesto, it was some kind of city run low-income housing facility.

Glad to see it's back, and with a tiki name, no less!

Hey Eric, not sure when the change. I was driving up McHenry and saw it the other day. Next time I'll have a look around. Maybe maybe we have come full circle and it will get better, but at least they are not razing the place.

Ha, how cool! For me, things have already come full circle in seeing this sign using the Hanalei Hotel Tiki from my photo in the Book of Tiki:

He is already the most copied BOT image in the Tiki Revival, but to see him appear on the sign of an authentic Tiki Motel & lounge is really cool :)

Hey how cool is that bigbro. Cheers! We need more "full circles".


Yeah, I thought I recognized that tiki! Congrats again, Sven! (if congratulations are in order...)

And Vic, you're right, we should thank the Tiki Gods that it wasn't razed to become some non-tiki establishment!

Long live Tiki!!!

Sort of a double post, much more info here:

Tropics Modesto


Thanks for the link DC. I couldn't find it.

Yeah, those newspaper clippings on the last page of that thread were great finds, DC!

That's awesome news, maybe all the tiki people stopping by to tell them how cool the place used to be got them thinking.

It's so great that some owner sees the value of Tiki and not some Ramada inn Motel 6 wanabe crap.

or perhaps they saw the value of the history. I drove thru the parking lot Saturday afternoon. All 4 tikis remain. Only 5 cars in the parking lot. But it was clean.

I went by for the first time yesterday. I wasn't expecting much---and I guess that means I wasn't surprised. It had recently been painted a nice gray color (although I wouldn't say that is very 'tiki"). The four tiki statues still remain buy now act as lighting with solar powered batteries on their heads. One tiki had the word "tiki" stuck on him, I guess so visitors would have a clue as to what a tiki is once they checked in to "Tiki Lodge". No, i did not "check in" to the place. I was just there for the day. I headed here after exploring Minnie's down the street.

Critiki has an artistic rendering of the place when it first opened. The covered driveways are no longer covered. The pool is now drained and fenced off. Fences also block off the small tiki bar (which apparently is still a tiki bar, but is also a gay bar as well) that was in the middle of the complex and the former Sambo's restaurant (which is now a custom car shop). The tiki gay bar was closed until 5 pm, so I didn't get a chance to peek inside.

I'll attach photos below. I didn't get any photos of the former Sambo's / custom shop, though.

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