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I'm Depressed Right Now

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Sorry for the following. I'm posting it to get it of my chest and in the hopes that it might help someone decide to quit smoking. I do not want to start a "war" about whether smoking is morally bad or anything like that.
I don't want your sympathy or your anger-I just want to share something with my friends and tiki associates: My friend Bill K. a incredible artist and friend, passed away a from minutes ago from cancer. He was "lucky" in the fact that he didn't suffer-much.
Please do want you can to quit smoking. Keep trying-try different things if one method doesn't work for you. Keep trying so you can succeed.
Sorry for this unusually serious post from me. Take CARE of yourselves-I mean it. Your Friend, Bruce Woodbury



I am so sorry for your loss.

If there is anything we can do...even if it is just listening, let us know, okay?


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Posted by pele on 2003-07-03 15:10


"I am so sorry for your loss.

If there is anything we can do...even if it s just listening, let us
know, okay?


Thanks for the concern Mr God of Fire :)
All I ask is for smokers to give their darnedest attempt(s) to quit-PLEASE!

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My deepest condolences for the loss of your friend. I stand behind you in your message to the ones we love.

All I ask is for smokers to give their darnedest attempt(s) to quit-PLEASE!

I'm with you on this, mrsmiley. I almost lost my little mommy last year because of it. She's ok now, but she went through seven kinds of hell. So sorry for your loss.

My condolences Bruce.

Sorry, my friend...

Sorry to hear about your loss of a good friend. It's very thoughtful of you to give words of encouragement to quit smoking during your time of sorrow. Let's hope at least one person will take that step. Both of my parents smoked and they quit and are still living healthy lives in their 60's.


Thanks everyone for your understanding words.

Great jacket this weekend, Basement kahuna!--mrsmiley

Hot jacket...had to take it off on show night! It stays cool in these mountains..

Very sorry for the loss of your bud. Death sucks!. I hope he had a good run .As the years pile on and "it" comes closer, please remember that "it" does not come ONLY when you get old.Things like smoking are like daring cancer to f-ck with you among other things.This is why I try and say something nice to all the folks around me with a smile and dig on every day that I rise from bed.Spread your love around, IT'S FREE!!!. peace . TWT

I'm very sorry Bruce.
I understand what you ae saying as I lost a friend a couple of years ago to smoking/cancer... It makes no sense.
Much aloha to you...

My thoughts are with you my dear.

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