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Don Ho in Concert

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I was looking at the newspaper this morning, and on the front page of the entertainment section was a picture of Don Ho. Turns out he and his daughter Hoku are playing two shows Sunday here in Bakersfield at the Crystal Palace (Buck Owens' place)...my wife Jacki graciously went and bought tickets this morning-she thinks I'm nuts, but hey, I went with her to see Madonna last year :P
I'm not a big country fan, but I've been to the Crystal Palace a few times. Hee Haw was always funny to see at my Gramma's house when I was a kid, and it's fun to see all the stuff in the Buck Owens museum. I just can't imagine a Hawai'ian show there.
Wonder if I should wear cowboy boots with my Aloha shirt! :wink:

Patrick McNeal

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It was a fun show. Don sang "Tiny Bubbles" (of course) and other hits, cracked a few jokes about getting old and all his original fans being dead, and generally entertained the (mostly older) audience. One tiny, hunched-over ancient-looking lady (think Yoda in a muumuu) practically swooned and fainted while getting his autograph after the show.
Hoku was amazingly versatile, singing everything from "Over the Rainbow" to her own hits. Very talented young lady, there. Two other daughters were there and singing as well.
$2.00 Mai Tais were the "special" this evening, and although nothing on the menu had so much as pineapple on it, they serve the best chicken-fried steak you've ever tasted :D
All in all, a rather enjoyable experience with an icon from the heyday of Polynesian Pop.

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