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Aloha Tiki Centralites in Hukilau Withdrawl...

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The Kon Tiki Paradise Room's... bounty of tropical nectars.... await you in the spirit of aloha!

[ Edited by: Basement Kahuna on 2003-07-04 10:10 ]


Slurp, gulp, ahhhhhh! Thanks, Basement, I needed that!

Shell in the Pacific

Be very, very careful, Mrs. Shelley ...I have been known to top off your glass when you turn your head! I take it my good man Al would expect no less... :)

(In fact my demure little doe of a wife keeps hers covered with a coaster so she can keep track of her liquor consumption! :) )

Ah Ha!!! So you're the one who re-activated my ulsers!!!!! Back to water and white rice for me. Cheers BK!!!

I will keep that coaster trick in mind.

Great picture!
Not that you don't cut quite the dashing figure youself, BK, but I'll bet you'd get way more takers if Heather was in Shell's Mai Kai outfit holding that bowl!

Yeah, Jade, I suppose you have a point..Ladies first. For what it's worth that's a 1959 Lee Chong Tai 3-button sharkskin suit completely hand tailored in Hong Kong! And it fits! Brad the Beachcomber's 8th-Street Vintage is the tops...


Hukilau and the Mai Kai really, have inspired a lot of people. The emails we get are amazing. I still feel hung-over from it and am planning my return trip! I have a huge new project planned I hope I can share with you all soon. And I have the energy to do all the other things that have been let slide in the last 4 months. Shangri-La will be together! And we will have a nice post-Hukilau party with all here who were and were not there...


Is that the Kon Tiki Paradise Mystery Gir.. er, Man? :wink:

I love that room BK... I heard there was a "Rum by" at the Hukilau. Someone was dumping aged Demerara Rum into peoples coconuts when they weren't looking. You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you??


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