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Book of Tiki is going into 3rd printing

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In case you had not noticed, the BOT was sold
out for a while, but the new printing is supposed to be available at the end of July. Unfortunately, the nice padded cover will be replaced by a soft cover, but the quality of the pages will remain the same.

I found out about this too late myself to stockpile issues of the hardcover, so sorry for the late notice. While I am not thrilled about this, it is the way of things in the publishing world, and in no way could anybody else have put out such a book for such a price and thus facilitated Tiki's re-entry into pop culture the way I had always envisioned.
Taschen already had a thin profit margin. and with the extreme Euro-to-Dollar rate shift I am sure they have to struggle more to make some.
I got a copy, it looks a little smaller but is exactly the same, and leafing through it actually seems easier. So now your hardcover is a collectors item.

Thanks Sven for all your hard work.

Now my BOT with all the signature's will be worth millions. Right Poly Pop?

That's still worthy of large congragulations...hope it becomes standard college lit reading down the road. We all missed you at the Mai Kai, bigbro...I had looked forward to meeting you.

A fitting tribute to such an outstanding tome and author.

hey fellow kraut, are you home yet?. Mike says not enough bloody marys are being consumed....and I miss gazing at your cute girlfriend!.peace. Ubermench TWT


It is such a KEWL book Sven! I got a copy on ebay and I have been reading it on the slow nights when I'm hacking my cab here in Key West. It has been enlightening and has given me a lot of ideas for things I would like to collect and have made up by the local artisans during my trip to the Philippines and Bali this summer. :)

Aurghhh! My hard cover was a collectors item, that is before my daughter took a sharpie and gave all the topless girls clothes!

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Congrats Bigbro,
Dosen't matter about the soft bound, as long as it sells it's good news. Plus I'm glad I have ONE Tiki related collector's item. Oh, I have the Video, too. Make that 2 items then.


Well done BigBro! About 99% of hardcover books seem to get 'remaindered'(vastly reduced in price months after publication) these days so you did extremely well to have a second printing!!

I keep seeing the little 'junior' version advertised on Amazon.co.uk. Will that be on the shelves soon?

Trader Woody

Did they revise any of the spelling of names?


Mmmmm. Fresh Sven Mai Tais!!! You staying back for a while? Mmmmmm.

On 2003-07-05 08:09, bananabobs wrote:
Aurghhh! My hard cover was a collectors item, that is before my daughter took a sharpie and gave all the topless girls clothes!

Don't feel bad--my dog ate my copy!


as far as your chapters on icons who have influenced the tiki movement, my book (that i will never write on paper, only in my mind), will have an entire section dedicated TO YOU.........and TIKI TI.

thanks sven

I was in a Pottery Barn (Georgetown) yesterday and they had a stack of the 2nd edition of BOT. If may want to give your local location a call if your child/dog colored/ate your nifty hard cover BOT.

Congratulations on another reprint! Evidence of a job well done! :)

BaronV posted on Fri, Nov 5, 2004 5:08 PM

Visiting my 1st step-mother this week in TX and found three copies of the hardcover Bokk of Tiki at a Virgin Megastore. Anyone out there need a copy?

Contact me by Nov 8th and i'll send you one for price/postage.

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