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Club Royal Hawaiian, San Francisco, CA (restaurant)

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Name:Club Royal Hawaiian
Street:960 Bush Street
City:San Francisco

The Club Royal Hawaiian was a classic pre-Tiki joint located in San Francisco. Arkiva Tropika provides the following history:

The Club Royal Hawaiian was located at 960 Bush Street in San Francisco. It opened in 1934, after its predecessor, the Club Kamokila, closed. 960 Bush Street was residence to a host of other nightclubs after the Royal Hawaiian, including the well-known music venue, The Boarding House in 1971. The building was replaced by condos in 1980.

I picked up this brochure

That gives us a look at the inside.

The matchbook from Arkiva Tropika

They used several different types of feature matchsticks.

The napkin.

And a sheet music cover for the Sophisticated Hula dance sensation, as written by Sol Bright who performed at the Club Royal Hawaiian.

As shown on the matchbook, the Club Royal Hawaiian was at one time a related to the Hawaiian Gardens restaurant located in San Jose.

More info on that here:

Hawaiian Gardens


Nice job! Who inspired who?

Nice tie in Big Bro. But wait, the girl is under the tree and the guy is on the sand in Laguna

And the guy is under the tree and the girl is in the sand in San Francisco!

The Club Royal Hawaiian was the Club Kamokila before, with this bit of history from Arkiva Tropika:

"Club Kamokila was located at 960 Bush St., in San Francisco. Founded in 1933 by pineapple heiress Alice Kamokila Campbell, it was originally called Kamokila's Temple to Art. The temple was the auditorium, as the building was former church that became a speakeasy. Legal issues arose after the club was raided for unlawful liquor sales, and Campbell closed the club in April of 1934, & moved back to Hawaii. It was then taken over by Kamehameha Corporation, and renamed the Royal Hawaiian."

The menu cover which had the same pineapple face as the Club Royal Hawaiian.

Back of the menu:



This was on eBay a while back.

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