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Gilligan’s Island: Passion Fruit

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Has anyone read this?
I must admit, it's pretty funny.
HBO should take this and run with it.


This is the last season for Sex in the City, so HBO will need another steamy replacement, "Sex in the Tropics" or "Passion Fruit."

However, the way its written, the story would more likely boost the subcriptions to the Playboy channel.

(Nevertheless, I did purchase a quart of passion fruit juice when I went to the market, just in case. Disappointingly, I could not find any with pulp.)

It is sort of funny but in today's celebrity status world, Ginger would never have traveled without an entourage, the story would have to account for everyone's cell phones becoming lost or disabled and I can not help but to wonder if the inevitable insurance claims and lawsuits would make it necessary for the party to be found.

Possibly an ending like that in Swept Away would be in order.

The idea does have promise for numerous tiki sightings (although wasn't the idea already a reality series?)


Ya, A lot of it is not "politically correct", but is any adult material these days (?).
The events with Ginger and Gilligan give the term “A three hour tour” a whole new meaning. And if the Professor can make a working radio from some wires and coconuts, I wonder what other “devices” he can create in this scenario.

It's missing a chapter...
"The Conception of Cherry Capri".

coconuts and mangos
coconuts and mangoes

gee..........that's swell

I always thought that Gilligan and the Skipper had something going?

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