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Tahiti Village, Pomona, CA (apartments)

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Name:Tahiti Village
Street:883 Buena Vista


I tried (unsuccessfully) for this amazing postcard on ebay a while back - the Tahiti Village apartments in Pomona.

Looks like it had all of the trappings of a Polynesian Pop Paradise, with an A-Frame entrance and entertainment area by the pool grounds.

The back of the card says it all!

Someone needs to take a drive-by to see what's left.


Chub posted on Wed, Apr 24, 2013 9:11 PM

Hardly recognizable...

This pool hut...

...really reminded me of the one me and Otto found at the Kamia Village in Anaheim in the 90s:

I wonder if Eli Hedley was involved with the Tahiti Village also...

Walking around the place on Google, I could not find any trace of the rec room, and yes, there doesn't seem anything worthwhile left to record. But Google street view can be deceiving:

After a friend tipped me of to a "Canoga Park Village", this chopped-off outrigger mini A-frame was the only Polynesian feature I could see with street view:

...while these cool pool huts remained hidden inside until me and Boris went on a little urban archeology expedition:

See more here:

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