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Hey New York!

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Aloha New York TCers! Tiki Emi & I are back in the area. We're at Emi's parents' until tomorrow night (Monday July 7th) when we move into our sublet in Manhattan. I'm eager to see the new tiki bars & to meet everybody. However, the next week or so will be really crazy & we won't be able to do much. But some time after Tuesday July 15th should be fine.

So, when & where can I buy the first round?

By the way, if this discussion needs to be moved to the "Events Area", it's fine w/ me.

Tiki Chris




hahaha! you'll soon find that that there's few of us. Inky is probably still in Florida (after Hukilau) and I'm in the far reaches of Eastern Europe (writing from Kyiv, Ukraine with a very SLOW internet connection). I'll be back the 17th so let's plan something for after then. (the 18th I'll be at a wedding)
see you soon
Manic C

Dear Tiki Chris-

Sorry, I was in a Post-Hukilau daze!

This Sunday night StenTiki and the lovely Tina will be coming to NY for the evening, and happy hour will be at the InkPad (my bar) at 9pm. I think Manic is out of town but perhaps some others will join. (brit in the hut are you out there?)

The following weekend 18th or so, Sten and T are returning and we were planning on doing a crawl to the local joints. I hope Manic is back by then.

If you are interested, send a private email to me for InkPad location!

Hey Chris,

Do they buy rounds in the States?
I hear New York's even more expensive than London......

Have fun back there,
Trader Woody

Yo Inky & Chris!

We're looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Manic, we'll miss you on the first go around but we'll be back the following weekend fresh from Prague. NYC Tiki Crawl???

Howzit in da Ukraine?!?


fresh from Prague you say? hey I was in Poland too. a real Slavic Tiki fest (well, Hungary isn''t Slavic) well, make sure to get some Vodka shots in between Mai Tais!
I'll be back after the 17th.

not around this coming sunday. but the weekend of the 18th should work.

too bad, keep in touch, will see you next weekend!


damn Prague's in Czech Republic. sorry. I'm definately not having as much fun here as Inky did at Hukilau!

I knew Shecky gets around a bit, but I hadn't realised that he'd spent so much time in the Big Apple.

Trader Woody

Ahhh, greetings all! Is the bar crawl on for this weekend? Count me in if so. I have not one, not two, but THREE Brit Tiki virgins in town as well, so I'm sure we can induct them into the ways of the mai tai. Just let me know when and where...

friday the 18th appears best for me.
saturday is possibly a no go.
sunday would be alright (probably).

I think Friday is good for everybody.

Manic-are you back yet? I think Arty and TikiTina are also back in town. Should we start at Zombie Hut?

On 2003-07-17 08:30, inkylouise wrote:
I think Friday is good for everybody.

tiki emi & i can start anywhere after, say 8:00.
just tell me where (& how to get there!)

not sure how late we can go tho.

tiki chris


I'll be back the 17th so let's plan something for after then. (the 18th I'll be at a wedding)
see you soon
Manic C

I leave the country and people stop reading my posts. Or maybe people go to Hukilau and they stop reading my posts. :) I am going to a wedding this Friday. It's in Brooklyn, so MAYBE, MAYBE, MAYBE I can show up LATE (after midnight). But you know, it's a wedding, there's an open bar...I'm not leaving into the bride kicks me out!

No takers for Saturday instead? TikiChris, is Sat. definately bad for you?

I didn't forget how to read, I just forgot how to count.

I also forgot that my Friday is bad...so Saturday is better for me too. So sorry fo the mix up!


Saturday is fine. Time and place, please.

Inky, stop lying! You didn't forget to count because you don't know how to count. and I think that someone has to read all these TC posts to you too.
(Am I jealous that you rocked the Hukilau?)
ok play nice Manic. I'm just kidding.
So, what's the itinerary? should we voyage to Staten Island this time or play the standards? wait, is arty and tina gonna be there? Brit will come plus 3. I gotta confirm Shalom Aloha's attendence. Maybe we should order a party van!

Arty and Tina should be back, but not on the computer. I will call him and see.

I like the idea of Staten Island, it would be new...I also love Chan's that place is great for a trip. But also the easy thing to do cause we are so many now(!) would be to meet at Zombie Hut. Then come back in to do Wally's & Otto's. What do you think?

you're the newbie, what are you DYING for?
brooklyn fresh, small, new (zombie hut)
manhattan big, new version old-school (wally;s)
manhattan dive tiki, new (ottos)
nj, old school original (chans)
or staten island mystery tiki spot (because we've never been) (is it called Lee's?)

My vote is for dinner either in jersey or staten island. I'm definately up for out-of-town tiki adventure.

The easiest for us right now is the Manhattan/Brooklyn scene and that's totally new to us. There was nothing Tiki here when we left.

So, either meet in Brooklyn or Manhattan - whatever order - whatever is easiest is best because that will give us a chance to get to know each other without any driving and other major transport issues.

Zombie hut is good to do first, I think cause then we get the long distance travel out of the way. Start at 7pm?

It is located in Brookyln @ 261 Smith Street, between Douglass and Degraw Streets. you take the f train to either bergen or smith...oh i forgot that toooo!!!!!

Where are my brain cells?

We should try to go to Marion's too, I haven't been this summer!


yeah, Marion's! But Mondays are best when the Pontanis dance. But, their burgers are so good. ok I'm really hungover so I can't focus on the drinking. I want greasy food. Zombie Hut at 7pm, sounds good. TikiChris, how will we recognize you?
I might be wearing a big pink muumuu...or a straw hat?? or shall we just know you by the TC secret handshake? just kidding.
I'm leaving the computer now. I'll call you tomorrow Inks to see if the plan stays the same.

Hey I just got off the phone with Arty and /T and they are up for Zombie at 7pm too.

Maybe we could eat at marion's at 8/8:30 then to Wally's and Otto' for late night?

I'll talk with you tommorow!

Tiki Chris , You will now us by our flaming bowls!

On 2003-07-18 17:32, inkylouise wrote:
Hey I just got off the phone with Arty and /T and they are up for Zombie at 7pm too.

Maybe we could eat at marion's at 8/8:30 then to Wally's and Otto' for late night?

I'll talk with you tommorow!

Tiki Chris , You will now us by our flaming bowls!

the itinerary works for me! see you at 7:00.

i look like this (w/ a goatee):

tiki emi'll be the one in the weird glasses.

tiki chris

[ Edited by: Tiki Chris on 2003-07-18 20:16 ]

Hey! did you N.Y.ers enjoy the Bon Fire??? (via cell with King koo koo?)

The tiki that was supposed to burn was picked out of da fire and is now a Witco!(all burned up!) And, it will be auctioned off on e-bay or at Bax Dog's International Tiki Day Party! Cheers! How come N.Y. is the biggest city but there are only a few tiki freaks there?? Cheers to the core!!!

Big Aloha to the Big Apple Ohana!

T and I had a great time with yous in New York and as always, the NYC Tribe rocks!

It was great to see the usual subjects again Manic, Ben, Inky and our newest NYC members fresh from London -- Tiki Chris and Tiki Emi (?). As Manic said, it's a small group but NYC is gaining momentum and Tiki Chris and Amelia are key players on the team!

Special thanks to Inky for getting us wasted at the Ink Pad then night before we left for Prague. We loved your hula -- you got da moves girl!

We hope you had fun at Zombie Hut, Wally's, and Otto's Shrunken Head. Steve was even there but we arrived too late to see his band. Maybe I'll catch your act when I return in September. (Bamboo Ben, you would like Otto's -- Tiki Punk! You gotta check it out when you're there in August).

We also caught the Hoity Toities at a beach bonfire in HB via King Kuku's cell phone. Bastards! Having a beach bonfire when we leave town! Whassup wit dat?!?

Anyhoo, here are a few pix from our latest NYC adventure.

Inky, Manic, Tiki-T, Tiki Emi & Tiki Chris at Zombie Hut

Catching the train to Wally's from Brooklyn

Pupus and Grog at Waikiki Wallys (checkout Ben's "Greg Brady hairdo")

Inky picks a fight in the War Room at Wally's

Worlds collide!

There's more pix but I will have to create a link to an album you can you view them.

Unfortunately, I took no pix at Otto's. For some reason the last stop is always challenging for me. I wonder why? :wink:




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That was fun!

So nice to meet the relocated Tiki Chris and Emi! Good luck on the Brady Mansion, I can't wait to come over and decorate!

Arty - Oh, great Ko-Huna; we revel in your presence! Thanks for bringing TT along, I luv her!

Manic+S.Aloha-always a pleasure hangin with the core!

Boobam-We are small but what we lack in size we make up for in spirit! I can't wait to see the new Vitco Tiki....

Xo Inks


How come N.Y. is the biggest city but there are only a few tiki freaks there??

maybe cuz we're the furthest from Hawai'i?

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