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my tiki bar (aka the tiki hideaway)

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Hi, gang,

While down at the Hukilau, I promised a few of you a pic of my Tiki bar, so - whoomp! here it is...

The bar was created for me by the ever stylishly suave Agent DanSquared (with a Bosko Tiki on the front), and I call it The Tiki Hideaway. We've actually been thinking about adding a grass skirt around the bottom. What do you guys think? Grass skirt or as is?

As is, definitely. Grass skirt falls heavily into the cheese category..

I have just seen your Tiki palace, Basement Kahuna, and, alas, mine pales in comparison. You have given me something to aspire to.

Yeah, lay off the grass skirt. The bar looks very swanky and modern as is.

Just come drink at mine anytime you wish...

No skoit!

well, i guess it's official then! the tiki centralites seem to be united against the skirt, and i would have to say that i agree. it was just something that occured to me in the midst of the mai kai, when i was overwhelmed by the over-the-top-ness of the mai kai, and i thought about trying to make my bar over-the-top as well. however, when it's on such a smaller scale, i don't know that it would translate as well.

thanks for the comments!


Yeah no skirt as it would detract from the kewl Eames style legs. BTW A very nice looking bar!

Very nice - I like the touch of leopard! No skirt at all would be my vote.


And a Wahine at the bar as well (skirt optional).

and I call it The Tiki Hideaway.

How small are you? Do you hide behind it, in it or under it?

( I could not resist!!!!!!)

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