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New member!

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DJLee posted on Sun, Jul 6, 2003 10:13 PM


Well, considering I belong to way too many newsgroups and am more of a reader than poster, here I am...brand new to a sight I should have joined when it started!

Welcome Lee. You are in good company here. This place is filled with some of the most fun people you will ever meet. From artists, writers and filmakers to people who just have an extreme love of the Polynesian and tiki style. Welcome Aboard brudda!


Welcome aboard!


Aloha DJLee and Welcome to the tribe! :)

Aloha Lee and welcome,
Hey, I think we have met a few years ago at a party in L.A.. If I am not mistaken, you are married to my buddy Mike's sister in law, and we have a few mutal friends in the southland. Anyway, have fun perusing the threads at T.C. Keep us posted with news from Dionysus empire.


Welcome :)

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