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Artwork by Woody Miller

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A painting I had in a show recently. I liked the yellow walls, looks great with the painting! Not sure what to call it yet...

Acrylic and shellac on wood panel

It is what it is....

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Getting ready for a solo show in Oakland of my art that will be up September and October, and I have lots of tiki art. I've been doing some black velvet paintings, a blue velvet and experimenting with some cool brown velvety paper I have. Anyway, I wanted to post some pics:

Little Niki Tiki - round antique wood frame, acrylic on velvet

Tropical Winds - acrylic on velvet (Going in a cool bamboo frame!)

No name for this guy yet...

Palm Pattern - acrylic on velvet paper

great stuff, do moar

GROG posted on Mon, Jul 22, 2013 11:44 AM



Really cool stuff... Hope to pick something up from you at some point.

A couple more....

Magic Marquesan, acrylic on wood

Quiet Night Lights, oil pastel on blue velvet board

Great work!


Been painting a lot getting ready for my show in Oakland next month. Here are a few more things.

This one inspired by the song "Moon of Manakoora". Title is... drumroll please....
Moon of Manakoora!
Acrylic on wood

Monkey Moai
Acrylic on wood

Bird of Paradise 1
Acrylic on wood

Last night I did an art show in San Jose and sold this guy. My first velvet painting, and was a little crude for me, but I think had a good moody effect.

Thanks for looking!

I like that your style is recognizable, which is a hard thing to accomplish. Thank you for posting, I'll enjoy following your thread. Wendy

I love your style, great stuff!

Love the "no name" red tiki. The glow effect just jumps right at you. Great job!


Saw your post for your show... congrats!

Your work is lots of fun! I really like the abstract and stylized elements of your pieces.

Thanks for posting!


Oh yeah... forgot to mention... love the textures and layers you have going in your work... very nice!


Thanks so much Eric! Means a lot coming from you, love your work as well! Hopefully get to meet you at the Forbidden Island parking lot sale.


Here is a link to my art show in Oakland, with tons of tiki art!



Wow, been some time since I've posted in my own thread! Lot's of new artwork to show, but for now I'm just posting one.

This image came to my mind and I thought it would be fun to do some paintings derived from cocktail names. New painting I finished last week, that I call "The Pearl Diver". It's acrylic, 18x28 inches. Soon I hope to frame it in a burnt wood, carved frame with some lauhala matting.

Have a couple others in mind, sketching a couple out this week. Tropical Itch, Navy Grog, Jungle Bird, Shrunken Skull to name a few.
Anyone have any drink ideas with "Pele" or "Hula" in the names?

Think I'll keep future work posted here.
Thanks for looking!


One of the greatest artists out there! Awesome stuff, awesome name.

Everyone did a great job reviewing your work and it's been some time since your last post.....anything new to share? Really nice work!!!!!

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