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Sven's coming home soon!

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We've missed our bud and Mentor! The board's been funky... but it's all going to be better because (okay, it'll always be funky but wtf!)... SVEN'S COMING HOME! I got an email today from Sven, looks like he'll be home around the end of this month!! PARTY!?!?! Thoughts for Sven's return?

[ Edited by: smogbreather on 2003-07-06 23:47 ]

partee at the german's house!


There's already a party on August 2, eh DZ?

What day is he returning? I gotta make sure I'm still down in HoitiToitiLand, versus up north, when he gets back. Seeing Sven again would be a PERfect capper to my LA trip! (At this point, I'm in LA from July 22-26, then Santa Cruz and San Francisco 'til the 30th.)

Swanky posted on Mon, Jul 7, 2003 9:09 PM

He said the 23rd, but I am sure he'll need a day or two to recover from the long red-eye flight.


The 9th is supposed to be international TIKI Day and welcome home Sven party at the Alex Hale.
But who says he is not big enough for 2, 3, 4 or more welcome home parties.

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