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HGTV's "building character" show last night featured the converted theater home of none other than our favorite ebay high bidder, "edgeoftexas" He had a fairly impressive collection, but they (HGTV) were more interested in the house.


What was the home and collection like? Tell us more!


I saw that last night! He turned a 1940s movie theater into his home & photography studio. He's got an impressive lineup of Tiki & Hawaiiana, lots of the more rare mugs could be spotted on his shelves.

Taking pictures sure seems to be treating him well!


Here's the link to the HGTV site...
Not alot of info or pics but his place sounds pretty cool...

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A couple of months ago, an eBay seller mistakenly sent me one of "edgeoftexas" auction purchases and sent him mine. After figuring out the mix-up, the seller gave me his address and I sent his mug to his studio. I enclosed a short letter congratulating him on his many eBay victories (many of them over me, I must say) and inviting him to join TikiCentral. I received my mug from him shortly thereafter, but he enclosed no 'note' of his own, and if he is here on TC, I don't think he's made his presence known yet.

I'd like to see this episode, even if just for a glimpse of what must be an awe-inspiring collection!


Surprising to see no tiki mugs in his still life photography, but there is a nice tumbleweed snowman:


Well there was that one shot of the swizzles in there.

I caught most of this show, did anyone see those carved "footstools" he had up on the roof, they were very cool. I wished they would have showed more of his collection.


Just a heads up that they are rerunning this episode tonight at 8:30 Eastern.

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