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I had to get the opinion of you guys and gals...I think Tiki Central is about the best meter on earth and I respect my peers here greatly...Judging by the few things in the art/carving line I have posted here, do you think the general public might like or more importantly purchase a Dave Wolfe (Basement Kahuna) designed tiki mug/mugs if I devoted some effort to a few original designs? As always strongly on the vintage tip? Regular working people's price range? What do you think?

If you build it, they will buy. I heard mine was on ebay the other day for a Ben Franklin! Just come up with something totally hip and different, get Crazy Al to carve it and Tiki Farm to produce it and you'll be laughing. Good luck!

BK- I want the first!!! Your art kicks ass! Can't wait for the mugs! Get sculpting!!!


Your work is second to none. I can't speak for the general public but I am confident that a high percentage of this group and many others who collect mugs would have interest. Especially at a "regular" price ($25 or less)


Seriously... who wouldn't want a limited run tiki mug... especially one where you know it was created by an artist who has a true passion for tiki culture... much more interesting than one that was mass produced somewhere overseas... I say go for it BK... and I would be proud to display your mug in front of my others...

Based on your carvings, I'd say that were you to do a limited edition mug you could command a nice price on the market, say somewhere around what Munktiki's limited edition mugs go for. If you were to offer the first round of mugs to TikiCentralites at a reasonable flat rate though, I'm sure our wallets would appreciate it. :)

Erika posted on Wed, Jul 9, 2003 7:26 AM

I'd buy one. Depending on the design, maybe two (if I feel like I need a spare to "archive" for when I break the first one*), or even three if it's my dream mug and I need an extra one for at work.


  • I haven't bought duplicates before to do that--this is a new thought based on my fear of Shecky breakage . . . I've only drunk out of him once and the rest of the time he (my only limited ed. mug so far) has been sitting sadly high and dry on a shelf.

Will it come with a drink in it? Seriously though, BK you are the bomb. I would definately pick up a mug done up by you if has the same craftmanship as your other projects. I cant imagine you doing anything half assed so I am certain it would be quality goods.


Count me in! And please sign it before you ship it to me.

**Poly-Pop ***

[ Edited by: PolynesianPop on 2003-07-09 08:37 ]

JTD posted on Wed, Jul 9, 2003 9:23 AM

Easy for me to say, but "Go for it!" If you can match the quality of your wood carvings, you'll have a great market for limited run (100-150) mugs. I love Munktiki's products and I think you'd be a good comparable (as they say in real estate). Sign me up for the BK mug-of-the-month club.

My wallet's wincing already. :)


Erika posted on Wed, Jul 9, 2003 10:34 AM

On 2003-07-09 08:37, PolynesianPop wrote:
And please sign it before you ship it to me.

Oh yeah! I forgot about the "general public" aspect of the question. I'll also need one extra mug, signed, to sell on eBay. :)

Hey, Basement Kahuna... I TOTALLY think the General Public would dig the opportunity to purchase your Tiki mugs (although I can't speak for The English Beat or The Special Beat). Ba dump bump. :)

AND I bet they'd also like to purchase your other creations, as well. I know that I, personally, am chomping at the bit to get my hands on one of those lights you made the other week. You should open your own shop, full stop! Your stuff is da bomb!

Dave Wakeling is too brash for Tiki, anyway :) ...Wow, thanks, Modchick (and everyone else!) Keep those cards and letters coming (...ego inflating....inflating)


I would way rather have a Basement Kahuna than a Munktiki! Follow your bliss - nuff said!



Hey, Shecky is a Munktiki mug.. u b dissing Shecky?


Diss Munktiki? Moi? Hell no! I wish I had a Shecky! I wish I could get one without getting rammed up the...oops sorry, no profanity.

:), em.

Sounds like the first edition is already sold out. Put my name on the list!

BK- I love owning paintings/sculptures/carvings/anything made by someone with whom I'm acquainted. Count me in. And about the masses, if it's well designed (and everything you've posted is beyond well designed) it will sell. Now deflate your ego and get yer a** to work!


Hey BK, every photo you've posted of your work has blown me away. I'd totally buy a Dave Wolfe mug. I'd even throw some in the ol' store to help you reach the general public.

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