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Liki Tiki (Disneyland Paris), France (restaurant)

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Name:Liki Tiki (Disneyland Paris)
Street:77777 Marne La Vallée

Liki Tiki is a food court restaurant in the Walt Disney Studios Park, one of the two theme parks at Disneyland Paris.

[ Edited by: kenbo-jitsu 2013-07-31 11:15 ]

Disneyland Paris does not have an Enchanted Tiki Room attraction (much to its detriment obviously), but I did find at least a modest nod to tikidom. Behold the Liki Tiki which can be found in the Walt Disney Studios Park. It’s one of several food court venues located inside a large soundstage-like building called Disney Studio 1.

Behind the front façade is a seating area under this false ceiling that’s decorated with floats.

This is a very nice animated neon sign. The dancer does the hula.

Here are some of the carvings on the front.

I recognize this next one as one of my favorite designs from Oceanic Arts in Whittier. Leroy Schmaltz told me they affectionately refer to it as the “boy/girl” design. It has been used frequently by Disney. There is one on a wall outside the Enchanted Tiki Room in Anaheim, for example, and there is another one inside Trader Sam’s.

What’s not obvious in the picture is that this piece is significantly larger than the ones sold at OA. It must either be an OA custom job, or perhaps Disney made a larger copy of the OA design on their own. Mr. Schmaltz told me Disney has done that in the past on occasion.

These other pieces may very well also be OA designs. Here again though, they are quite large.

Yup, all those are OA imports. It is good to know "Tiki made in Whittier CA" made it to France1 :)

On 2013-07-25 07:31, bigbrotiki wrote:
Yup, all those are OA imports. It is good to know "Tiki made in Whittier CA" made it to France1 :)

Thank you big bro. I knew you would know.

Here is the "boy/girl" in Adventureland, Anaheim I mentioned.

I could swear I remember seeing another one inside Trader Sam's, but now I'm doubting myself. If anyone has a picture of it, please post it to set my mind at ease.

Leroy Schmaltz explained that the piece is a shield. In fact, he demonstrated its use for me! The warrior places the shield against one side of his body, putting one of his arms through the slot at the top. There would be a strap (not included, some assembly required) attached to the back of the shield, one end attached on either side of the slot, so that the shield can be hung on the warrior's shoulder keeping both his arms free. Given all that, I think the piece is best displayed with the slot at the top.

Here is my unpainted version as it hangs in my home office.

It still blows my mind that I can buy something like this from the very same folks who outfitted so many of the great tiki temples both past and present. Thank you, Oceanic Arts!

Here is the "Boy/Girl" in Trader Sam's. I knew there was one there!

A different color scheme for the paint, but still very nice. White, black, and red... perfect for tiki-loving newborns. :D

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