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[ Edited by: Monkeyman on 2003-10-27 10:59 ]


Oh My Gosh! The frame makes the picture so much better. Very nice!

Rain posted on Wed, Jul 9, 2003 7:51 PM

right on!


M-Man you are really showing some awesome skills lately. I mean the Spongebob thing was great, then the stool and now this. Great work.

Way to go.....Great picture !!


[ Edited by: Monkeyman on 2003-10-27 10:59 ]


Your kidding right? This is Beautiful!


[ Edited by: Monkeyman on 2003-10-27 10:59 ]


Very nice work Monkeyman....


If someone wants an item bad enough, they will pay whatever your asking for it. Supply and demand, the trick is to find something that people will demand so you can supply it. There are plenty of people on this planet with buckets of money to spend ( sadly not me :wink: ), ebay has proven that. I took an old mirror into Micheal's Craft Store to have it framed about 4 years ago, mind you it is a pretty big mirror,2 feet wide by 5 feet long, it cost me for a 2 inch wide plain cherry frame 275.00, and that was with a half off coupon. Just wood, no matting or glass. I paid the price because I needed it done, no one was going to do it for any less than that. Had I not had the coupon I still would have gotten it done for whatever price I was quoted. I am sure you could sell a few of these with no problems. They are very special! Goodluck!

[ Edited by: DawnTiki on 2003-07-09 23:10 ]


The painting rocks, the frame rocks...and YOU rock!

way to go,

That's an awesome frame...you do quality work.

[ Edited by: Basement Kahuna on 2003-07-11 10:14 ]

Monnkeyman, good stuff!! Great score on the velvet too. I never have that kind of luck!

very nice work! I need to come up with display shadow boxes, and that framing would be perfect for 'em!

And, PolyPop, you're not allowed to have Tiki luck any more, because you always break everything you get! :)


I would have never considered buying a velvet painting until seeing something like this. You changed my opinion on (the concept) velvet paintings. Nice job!

nice frame, you sitr are a gentle man and a scholar.

GECKO posted on Thu, Jul 10, 2003 3:18 PM

good job chongo! some people never know they have a hidden talent until they try'um.
How long it wen take you fo do um??


Did my first post sound like I was baggin' on your painting? I hope not! I love velvet paintings! The frame just adds so much more to the painting. K, I'll shut up now....

[ Edited by: Monkeyman on 2003-10-27 11:00 ]


That frame ROCKS! A winning combination of a unique concept and excellent craftsmanship! I think you'd have a very nice market for those...especially custom order for those folks with tiki art that wanted something unique to show it off. Can I buy a share or two of Monkeyman Frames, Inc.? :)

I totally agree, when I hear velvet painting I think Elvis but that painting in that frame is really a thing of beauty.

hey, cruzintiki... you make velvet elvises sound like a bad thing! :) they just need to be taken with a bit of irony, that's all. actually have one hanging in my office...

I didn't mean to slam the king at all ... I met my husband in Vegas and actually have a cat named Elvis!

No wonder everyone looked kind of surprised when I asked about this painting last night at the party..... so I finally found this thread that documents the effort. It is just beautiful!

Monkeyman- inspirational work. I love that you carve stuff into practical mediums (stools, frames etc.) Great job.
Hey Cruzintiki- I have a turquoise blue, Elvis velvet painting in my living room. It's cheesy and I love it. Unfortunately it has the sucky driftwood frame. But...for $150...maybe Monkeyman could...



[ Edited by: Monkeyman on 2003-10-27 11:00 ]

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