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New Longboard - 'Attack of the Marakihau'

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Hey guys! Haven't been on here in a while or made much Tiki art due to university, but since graduating its been so good to get back into making things again.. I have been looking forward to using up the remaining birch 5 ply in the garage for a long while, so I decided to build a new longboard..

The design is a combination of sourced tribal tattoo imagery that I manipulated to fit together, and an original drawing, the 'Marakihau' sea monster inspired by Maori carvings.

The detail is burnt on with a pyrography pen, including the border between the two-tone staining.

It still needs holes drilled for mounting trucks and a coat of varnish but I'm considering leaving it without trucks and wall mounting it. Anyway, thought I would share it and hope you guys like it.. I hope to be making some more stuff over the summer and get back into carving too!

That's fantastic, love it!


On 2013-08-08 04:26, Cheese Pirate wrote:
That's fantastic, love it!

Thank you, glad you like it

Fox posted on Mon, Feb 17, 2014 8:10 PM

Love it!!!! Nice work!!

Way Cool! Two thumbs up.

Means Trendy! A pair of thumbs way up.


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