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Curry's Hawaiian steak house closed?

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Did anyone happend to go to Curry's in Miami during the Hukilau? We were going to go before the party on Friday night, but called and got a message that their phone was disconnected.
I hope they are still there because we are going to South Florida in two weeks and I want to check it out.
Oh well, if they're gone we'll just have to go to that shabby Mai-Kai for dinner. Damn.

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I vaguely recall mrsmiley saying it was closed when he tried to go there last. I'm sure he'll give us an update shortly.


I drove by one night at 9:05 pm (I think they used to closed at 9:00pm) and it was pitch dark there. The sign outside is still on the building-I didn't notice any realty signs but I couldn't find any parking so I couldn't take a closer look. If you go during daylight-look in the windows to see if the cool murals are still inside the far 3 walls.
My fear is that it is closed.
The really incredible looking chinese Restaurant " Fu Manchu" is not too far away at 325 71st St. in Miami Beach 305-866-4263. The neon outside is incredible at night and the murals inside look great! I have never eaten at Fu Manchu but it is still in business after 65 or so years!


I did a search online and found no info except this:


It says there's a mural of "Frankie and Annette" on the wall! It's really a mural of two people surfing in Hawaii that was painted in the 1940s, way before the movies with Frankie and Annette!

Thanks for the info. and photos guys. I'll check it out when I get down there the weekend of the 26th. Fu Manch sounds like a great suggestion. I may try to get in there for dinner on Friday night.

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Hey KailuaGeoff,

What are you gonna be in Miami for? (just kiddin).

I also got the out-of-service phone message for Curry's. When I was there, the owner seemed really into the place, and liked telling us about the murals, etc. That's a real shame if she couldn't make a go of it.

I've passed by Fu Manchu and the neon sign was incredible. I now really wanna see it if it has murals inside. Cool! Thanks for the info everyone.

Tell Ariel we're goin' to the Fu Manchu. We can't let another freakin' Florida tiki-related joint close down before we get there.
First the Hukilua closes, then Suva, then Curry's... What's next, Cypress Gardens? Oh yeah, that closed too.


There is a postcard image of the Curry's mural on the first page of the Polynesian Mural thread. Curry's was located at 7433 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33141. It seems to still be vacant-is this possible after all these years? Someone needs to check it out!


I was assisting CalTiki with some pre-Hukilau Mid-Mod recon work at the Fontainebleau and neighboring Eden Roc hotel.

We happened to be driving past the former Curry's site and got these pics…


:( :( :(


Damn that was a good steak house!!! I remember a time I went there with my buddies. They really serve some saucy steaks and I just lovvveeee it!!!! It was really an experience to have a late night drive and go there with my buddies and have a little chat along with spicy steaks .Oh we will miss all that fun… Guess, will have to find another hangout!!!!

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