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Bonita Antiques, San Dimas, CA (store)

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Name:Bonita Antiques
Street:157 W Bonita Ave
City:San Dimas

Some of you probably already know this place but I haven't seen it mentioned on TC. This is an antique store owned by semi-retired Sam and Kathie Acosta in old downtown San Dimas.

It's actually two stores in one, the left side is Kathie's traditional antiques but the right side of the store is Hawaiiana and tiki. Sam has collected and sold Hawaiiana for 40 years in various locations and I believe he's been in San Dimas for about six years. I stumbled upon the store by accident a few weeks back, and have only been there once, so I don't have pics yet.

Pluses: He has some of everything, rattan furniture, retro lamps, velvet paintings, shelves of tiki mugs, and everything in between.

Minuses: It's an expensive store for the most part, but a few bargains (and/or bargaining) to be had. Low-tech: The owners have no website or interest in the Internet.

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I'm sure this is someone's best kept secret in the SoCal area, so I apologize for blowing their cover!

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