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Damon's - I take it all back...

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A while back I was yammering on about wealthy TC'ers getting together to buy Damon's in Glendale as it's (still) for sale. I probably also said some disparaging things about the place because when I had been there (several years ago) it didn't have the requisite tiki pizazz. Too brightly lit, no tiki spirit, and as oft mentioned, only one 2 foot tiki by the cash register.

So I stopped going.

Had some people visiting who wanted to go despite my warnings and I'll be damned if it wasn't great. Still only the one tiki, but the look and feel was just right. The menu and drinks could use some punching up, but they were certainly good enough.

So Damon's, all is forgiven. The price is apparently around 3 million as mentioned in previous posts and I have the name of the lawyer handling things if anyone's interested and has won the lottery recently.

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I grew up in Glendale and I've never been to Damon's! I'm coming down in August to visit my parents (who still live there) and to make a pilgrimage to Oceanic Arts. Thanks for the tip ... I'll be sure to check out Damon's while I'm down. It's on Brand Blvd. near Jax, right?

All hail the freaky tiki!

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Yep, just down the way from Jax which is another nice little surprise in a town with increasingly more falafel and rug joints per square inch than one might like.


I was impressed by the decor (even with the lack of tikis), by the friendly and accomodating staff, and mostly by the food, which was very tasty yet inexpensive.

Damon's not Tiki? Do you need to be packed with tikis to be a "tiki restaurant"? Why did you not like it before?

Just down and across the street from Damon's (in the alley between Brand and Maryland)is a great Hawaiian Lunch place:

Seoul Grindz Hawaii
136 S Brand Blvd., Glendale, CA 91204
Phone: (818) 637-8566

I have only had the Spam Musubi there, but the other stuff looks great. If your in the area and need some chow I highly recommend it.

Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out!


What I remember originally was that it reeked of cigarettes (before the no smoking in restaraunts laws) and had a depressing kind of feel...bored waitresses, too brightly lit, and just no fun. Tried it a couple of times more and just wrote it off. Maybe I was just in a bad mood (for several years.)

And you're right, it doesn't need a bunch of tikis, but that's my favorite part, so there!

Another plus now is that my vegie-burger, fries and a coke cost under 10 bucks. Maybe that put me in a better mood.

I, too, appreciate a high TIPSY factor, (I overlooked its sole tiki),but Damon's does have a very Hawaiian decor both inside and out which does exude tiki mana.

Certainly worth visiting (and cheaper than Trader Vics, although the lounge is not as nice).


Here's a good thread about Damon's...


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