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Thrift Town Goes Tiki

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I received this message from another 'thrift store' message group I belong to. I believe that the Thrift Town chain is located in the western U.S.

Thrift-Town is starting this new promotion called Tiki Tuesday; buy an item that day between 5 and 7 and you get entered into a drawing for TT gift certificate. All the clerks are wearing leis and the place is festooned with Tiki tackiness.

Now, it would be nice if they had been saving all the old donated tiki mugs, and setting them out for those two hours each week.


So, what am I missing here? They're having a sale on Tuesday for 2 hours and you get entered into a drawing for a gift certificate.

How is that tiki????

Hey Vern!

So what's this gig about?

It's just another example of people, in this case, a thrift chain, jumping onto the 'tiki' bandwagon.

I thought I'd mention it anyway, just in case any of you west coasters are looking for a more suitable 2 hour window to feel a bit more festive as you look for old tiki items in thrifts. I probably should of posted the initial message in either the 'collecting' or 'other' forums.


Pages: 1 3 replies