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Yay! Another Tiki Road Trip book

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My birthday is on the 16th, so yesterday, just before a going to a restaurant, my brother and his wife gave me my b-day present:
3 books:
America Bizzaro - guide to events and traditions
Roadside America
Tiki Road Trip (with a custom made tiki themed book mark)

Little beknown to them I had already ordered it long ago and had it sent to CA, where it waits for me.
They suggested I return it, but I said hell no, now the wahine and I will have a copy for the car (like someone suggested in an old thread).
This also gives me the opportunity to read it before October (when I move to CA).
Just thought I'd share my excitment, and cause a little "Kaching" sound in James' head.


I think that dime and quarter make more of "clink" sound.

Ran, I am so glad that you and your wife are poised to become members of the Hoiti Toiti tribe. To quote another TCer, "Your Mai tai awaits..."

purple jade - I know, I know, but the cash register does a Kaching sound when you open the money drawer...
floratina - thanks for the warm pre-welcome :wink:
Now if I could just find some real limes I might be able to make a Mai Tai and a Zombie for my B-day...we have all the citrus fruit EXCEPT lime.



I guess I missed a past post about you moving to (Southern?) California! That's great! We axiously await the addition to our Hoity Toity clan!

Oh, and PJ was referring to the sound of the actual amount that James makes on each book. He'd have to sell:
2,857,143 books to be a millionaire.
2,858 just to be a thousandaire(ha!)
49 just to equal the retail price of the book.
23 just to buy and $8 Mai Tai (and 3 to 6 more just to tip the bartender!)

You'd think his efforts would reward him in fortune, but it's obviously for the the love of tiki.

Yep - moving to So-Cal, but to Chula Vista (SD county) first. Is the Hoity Toity Clan an L.A. county thing or does it include all of So-Cal? :wink:
And don't get me wrong...I was never implying James was gonna get rich from the book (although I wish him that)...we all know these projects are a labor of love and do not bring in any profit...still -"Kaching" is the universal standard for cash register sound...and after that comes the "clink" that PJ mentioned (the dime and quarter)...a sigh afterwards is optional, or a bitter laughter is even better.


From the Land of the $27 Myers's

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The Hoiti Toiti reach down to Oceanside, in North SD so far.

On 2003-07-14 10:06, floratina wrote:
The Hoiti Toiti reach down to Oceanside, in North SD so far.

What does the Hoiti Toiti reference mean? Is it the same as pupu elite :)


Well, you know: in MY silly opinion, everyone needs AT LEAST two copies of TRT, if not more! :)

That said, the biggest compliment I ever got was from a couple at Hukilau who had bought a book from me at Mondo Tiki, and had spent most of the two months between the two events driving all over the US of A, visiting many of the places in TRT. They wore the book out, and had to get another one. I suggested framing the first one.

They win.

Wish we had the book back in 2001, as our honeymoon was a Tiki Quest. Nevertheless a lot of the info for our trip was gathered from your Tiki Bar review website.



I'm thinking about getting a second copy for the car to mark up when I actually get to visit the places. Then, after I finish a whole section, maybe take out the pages and scrapbook them with pictures, souvenirs, etc from the place.

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Seventy cents more for tikibars!

Yesterday, I came home to find not one but two copies of the TRT on my doorstep. I finally ordered one last week and it seems my grandmother unbeknownst to me also ordered one for me and my wahine's anniversary. So now I've got my home copy on the nightstand and my road copy here beside my desk. :)

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