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hi, everyone,

can anyone tell me if ape has a website? i've heard a lot of cool things about them, but, being on the east coast, i don't have any way to make it to the shindigs. would love to check out some of the tunes, and i'm wondering if there are any mp3s online.

Try this:


Have not seen them? You're missing it!. Ape is one great band. Get on a plane and fly out here for the next big shindig!

Ape is way cool. They have a new CD that I listen to sometimes when I carve. Songs 10 thru 13ish are my fave. C'Al should sing on all of them. It makes the CD.

Y'al just missed Mr. C'Al at his finest last Friday night in San Francisco! He was very rare! Not even close to medium rare!!


Any T.V. people out there should really look into making "Ape" a show or cartoon. These guys are pro!

Funny you should ask...Crazy Al just announced that there are music samples newly added to the site right here http://tikimania.com/ape-music.html and they are lovely.

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