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Anyone do tiki leather stamping?

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I used to do leather stamping when I was a kid in the scouts. For Christmas a while back, I bought myself a Tandy starter kit. I'd like to do some tiki work - wallet, luggage tag, etc.

Anybody into this? Good tips for patterns or stamps that are especially good for this?

zond2 posted on Tue, Dec 31, 2013 9:44 AM

Don't know about the stamping part but you can do some nifty stuff with pyrography on leather mixed with some knife work. I 'spose you could experiment with bevelers and shaders too. One trick I stole from the woodworkers is to print out a mirror image of a line drawing I want to use using a laser printer. Then place it face down on the leather and run a dry iron over it. The heat from the iron transfers some of the toner onto the leather then you just follow the lines with your burner.

What a great idea. In the 60's leather belts with your name stamped on them were the rage. Can you imagine a belt with tikis all around it. That would be so cool. The projects could be endless. I bought a set of leather stamping tools that I use with clay.

If you start please post your step by steps,

There's about 100 ideas here.
Good. luck!


Lights for home and
commercial TIKI bars.

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I used to do custom leather work "Oh Myyyyy!"
seriously though I made custom Harley accessories
Belts etc. sold all my tools at a yard sale years ago.


I know this post is pretty old, but I felt like touching base on it anyway.

I dug out my leather tools the other day to do a celtic knot "postcard" because my art teacher colleagues gave the staff at my school paper to draw postcards on. I'm fairly artistic in many different ways, but I finally came back to doing a small leather project. It got me thinking about doing some tiki style tooled art and maybe frame it... certainly make it for regular sized frames.

Ideas started arriving in my mind fast and furious-- keyrings, masks, wall art, coasters just to name a few.

I think I may see what I can come up with and see what you all think.

We haven't seen it done. Belts would be great too. I hope you do it and share your work. Wendy

A tapa-like pattern would work well

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