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Best Webcam Escape

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When I need a quick escape from my work, I go here. It's the smoothest (real-time) I’ve seen yet,DSL connection that is(I have not seen it on a dial-up modem. It's also a great place for when friends or relatives (like fellow TCers) can arrange a rendezvousvideo meet to wavesee (and rub it in that their having fun and your not) them on their vacation in Waikiki. The torches in front of the Duke (a god of the Polynesian culture, in my book) look great at night. Nice music too.
I hope to see you waving there someday (but me first).


[ Edited by: Unga Bunga on 2003-07-16 10:01 ]

There are a few more, in addition to the one mentioned above, on this thread.

Ya SC,
A good example of why I should do a search before I do a post.

No worries. I just figured you'd get a kick out of the other 'cams listed. Also, The Hard Rock Cafe~Las Vegas webcam should show some interesting webshots from time to time. It's a fun one since you can control the camera zoom and angle right online! I have yet to go on and NOT see either a nose picker, a groping couple, a crotch adjuster, a boob adjuster or a staggering drunk that is about to puke. You can also go to the online photo album of other "interesting" webshots that people have captured on The Hard Rock's cameras.


I just checked out the photo album at the Hard Rock cam site ... looks like Big Horny Brother is watching.

I hooked up my web cam today in my workshop!

Go to BambooBen.com

It's on the front page towards the bottom.

Check it out and tell me what you think!

Hi Ben,

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