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Happy Birthday Uncle Trav! Seems like only yesterday we were snowed in watching Mister Rogers, playing GI Joe stalks Barbie and whipping up some type of frozen treat in our Slushie Mugs. Probably a good indicator as to why we now sometimes crave frozen concoctions. May this year be filled with joy and happiness, especially the kind brought on by exquisite Tiki Finds. I love you little brother! Sissy

Well thank you sis. I wish things were as easy as playing GI Joe these days. I had a full fun day yesterday replacing the sump pump in the basement. Now that is fun !!! Thanks for the birthday wishes and I love you too.

Happy 29th, Trav! :D

Have a good one!

On 2014-01-30 15:30, Big Kahuna wrote:
Happy 29th, Trav! :D

Haha, I like the sound of that my friend! Thanks for the birthday wishes guys. I means allot. I had a great birthday party with the family and even scored a vintage Mai Kai decanter. That made my day. Thanks again.

Happy B'Day Trav!!!


Happy Birthday Uncle Trav. Now that you finished the exciting Sump Pump biz, you can build more models on a snowy day....they are awesome. Stay warm....OGR, from balmy Wisconsin


Best birthday wishes to you, Trav!!!

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