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what goes into a rubber mold

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GECKO posted on Thu, Jul 17, 2003 3:25 PM

Aloha friends,
I jus wen get some rubber molds from a friend. Da ???? is, what material is pored into da rubber molds and where can I get'um? does home depot sell anyting?

anybody have da knowledge on dis? I would like to do some dis weekend.


GECKO posted on Thu, Jul 17, 2003 3:28 PM

oh you know wat, these are small molds like da kine...charms fo da necklace.


Silicon-try art supply store bro.

Try, Casting Plaster. Hydrocal, is a stronger version of it. Look up "United States Gypsum" on the web and they might have a supplier on "Sand Island." ( a little bird landed on my shoulder a few years back and told me the name of the supplier, but I have forgotten since). Dependending on what kind o rubber you have, you might be able to cast cement and or resin too!


Does your friend have more for sale? This is exactly what I've been looking for.


Mahaloz Atomic Cocktail, silicone will be to rubbery wen it dries ya? I want someting mo like a hard plastic. Boobam Ben sounds like dat might be da kine I'm looking fo.

Im really looking fo da kine...resin. Haven't found any suppliers yet.

Badmojo, Sorry, braddahs keeping da rest.

Wen Coco Joes went outta biz here on Oahu, dey wen had wun action fo da kine...display stuff, Tikis, panels, evryting cocojoes including all of da molds. he purchased a box of about 25 small molds dat are from da 60's, I know dey from da 60's cuz 3 of da molds I get sey 1968. All of dem are small fo like key chains and necklaces. som are so small I don't know what dey wen used dem fo.

anyways, Tanks Plenny!!

eh Boobam, tanks fo da 8x10 pics!! dey look great on my walls


you might try FIMO , a plastic clay.


eh howzit dogbytes, does that stuff sell in local hardware stores(homedepot/Lowes)? I like to buy stuff dats ready to use ya. I hate surfing da web fo dis kine stuff cuz I can be outside poundin out a tiki, bar, panel, wateva!

tanks though

GECKO posted on Fri, Jul 18, 2003 1:35 AM

Unga Bunga, u callin me a dog? bow wow wow!

eh, it's 9:30 pm here on da islands so I knowwwww it's late on da mainland......SOOOOOO,
what ya doin on condom sites dis late at night eh.....


If the molds are that old, you might want to plaser cast them and get an original to make a new mold, if the rubber seem brittle. Rubber molds fron the 60's won't last. Seal em up air tight. I don't think they were doing much resin/plastic casting in the 60's like they are doing now. (I used to make big ol rubber molds for lamps and furniture that would be cast out of hydrocal. Big as in, the size of a Mini Cooper! Havn't done it for a while, 1980's. Heard there are all sorts of new Latex products out there now that will last a lifetime. We used to use Latex #77 and fiberglass shells.) Don't think H/D or Lowes would carry it but they might spec. order for you. We used to buy direct. Pallets upon pallets upon pallets!! Still snow blind!!

Stumbled upon this old thread and wasn't sure if you found what you were after Gecko (and everybody else)

I got Resin from http://www.micormark.com . I'm sure that there has to be a place out there that sells it in bulk quantities - but this stuff is EASY to use and only takes about 20 minutes before you can de-mold. I can make about 20 resin castings of an Easter Island type carving that's about 4 inches tall with the amount of resin that you can buy for $26.00. Here are the direct links:
For clear resin (or to add color dyes to):
and for "white" resin (for painting over):

they have all sorts of molding stuff and resin stuff at this site - but all for small scale things. Nothing for the size that the Rev. was talking about! Hope this helps - feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

"Hey, at least I'm housebroken."

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Hey Geko Bro,
Here are a few sites that sell the casting resin you need.
http://www.alumilite.com/ (this one has finishes that look like different Metals..)

This may be confusing but all these sites add information about How to do it..
Also search for "Art Duplication" in Google. It gives you a ton.

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