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The Tropic Cafe, Imperial, CA (restaurant)

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Name:The Tropic Cafe
Street:7th St & Imperial Ave
Phone:IMPERIAL 270

I’m so excited at the prospect of another Polynesian inspired establishment in my Tiki deficient home town that I may be jumping the gun :lol:

I recently found this picture of The Tropics Cafe

It was owned by "Gilly" Blair Paul Gilroy and Sterling Oswalt. I am in contact with Gilly's daughter and am getting more information but it looks like it may be tropical in name only. It was a nightclub in the 40s and 50s, restaurant, bar, bands, entertainers, floorshow, and a poker room in the back. The daughter says it was very successful, in fact so successful that the LA Mafia wanted a piece of the action. Rather than become partners with the Mafia, her dad decided to close it down.

I will find out the there was any Polynesian influence to the food, drinks, décor or entertainment and report back.

The owner's daughter

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We'll be watching and waiting-good luck!
David and CeCe

Not finding much on this old place, but here is a matchbook

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