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VOTE: for my Username

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I have a dilemna: multiple ideas for my TC Username.
My alias in the straight world is Lena Howansky.
So, far on TC, I've used my comic strip character's identity, Manic Cat. But light bulbs have gone off since. In homage to Don Ho and my "real"name, there's Len Ho. Now I hear that there's a Hawaiian puppy dog, named Pua Pua Lena Lena. Because I'm a Libra, I can't decide. This is where your vote matters!
(by the way, I pronounce my name like Jay "Leno" but with an "a" instead of an "o" and NOT like "Lena" Horne).

Here's the ballot:
Manic Cat
Len Ho
Pua Pua Lena Lena


Since you're from 'the lo-wer East side', how's about 'Lo Ho'?

Dammit Bong, you crack me up almost every post!

I think you should use

Mahalo !!

Or with a little more island flavor...


I always liked "Manic Cat"... it is a curious name...

Manic Cat is Great

Le Ho


Aloha Manic, dats wat I know you by wen i met you so dats wat i gon call you no matta wat....sorry. I like Manic Cat.

why must I chase da CAT!!!!! nuthin but da DOG in meeee!!!! bow wow wow yippy yo yippy yay.........George Clinton, 1985.

JTD posted on Fri, Jul 18, 2003 6:58 AM

Manic Cat,
I, too, like Manic Cat.

Gecko - Thanks for the great words of George Clinton. It definitely makes me wish I'd thought of "Atomic Dog" as my screen name. Makes me smile just thinking of it. Hopefully, somebody will pick it up.


it's easier for me to remember Manic Cat! Don't change on me now girl!

wow! thanks for all the responses.
Lo Ho is pretty funny but it reminds me too much of my older brother's nickname in High School, "HO", resulting in his friends calling me "Little HO."
Or when I was kid, I couldn't roll my "r" when speaking, so when my brother's friends would teasingly ask me, "are you a him or a her?" (I'm a girl by the way), I would answer with my poor pronounciation, "I'm a HO."
oh no, all the repressed memories are starting to spill out...
with majority vote,
Manic Cat

ps. Gecko you're right on w/ George Clinton. If I change my name, my big doggie Benny Kane wouldn't be chasing me around anymore!

[ Edited by: manic cat on 2003-07-18 12:16 ]

I'm glad that's settled, I can bearly remember my own name.....



Gecko, manic, you love P-funk? I've been down with Dr. Funkenstein since 1976.

That's one of the advantages, ya know, of being an old fart...you can say things like "I've been down down with Dr. Funkenstein since 1976".

:), em


did you say p-funk emspace!!!

and you know this...mannnnnn! I love da funk! "you drop da bomb" use to be my theme song baby! let me tell you a secret emspace....don't tell know body else!!! I use to break dance!! soul sonic force can you get funky!!

Manic, glad you kept da name.



I would pay good money to see you do the worm, Gecko!


Gecko, Soul Sonic Force! So you're old skool, straight up. Afrika Bambaataa was big at our parties too! Maybe you're older than you look? Your secret's safe with me, man.

:), emspace


P.S. manic cat, I'm glad you kept your name too. I think it rocks, sure has more of a retro feel to it than mine!


GECKO posted on Sat, Jul 19, 2003 8:10 PM

ha ha ha....uhhhh, ya watevas Tikifish! Da only worm I do now is da one dat comes outta da tequila bottle. nice try though.

emspace, i just turned 20 yesterday.

Loddy Doddody we likes to party......dat was da $hit



On 2003-07-19 20:10, GECKO TIKI wrote:
emspace, i just turned 20 yesterday.

Get the hell outta here! I mean: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! How did we miss Gecko's b-day everybody? Or are are you just pulling my chain you sly dawg?

aloha, emspace.


Here I found this baby picture of you Gecko!

I heard you made the ladies swoon back then too! :D


Wiiiiiind me up baby bobba!

:), em


Well Gecko, is it true, did you have a b-day day before yesterday? Do you want it announced so people can send all the aloha you so richly deserve?



Okay, how come no answers here? All the long-time TC'ers who know Gecko are chortling at the dumb Canadian who hasn't met Gecko, who is really 34 and his b-day is in January...? What is it? Let a funkateer know!

:-?, emspace.


sorry emspace, been bizzy over da weekend. B-day is in November and i'm 33. I was jus talkin funny.

Tiki Mug, funny Pic!

back to work


On 2003-07-21 12:04, GECKO TIKI wrote:
sorry emspace, been bizzy over da weekend. B-day is in November and i'm 33.

Okay, I'm gonna change my TC name from "emspace" to "Mr. Gullible".

:), emspace.


don't worry about it emspace. Gecko's been drinking all those "Spotted Geckos" so it keeps him lookng so young and fresh.
down since 1976? I would have been one funky one-year old! (which I was).


Heh...well Manic, I was 17 at the time and more than ready. I'd been hung up on art rock (aka prog rock, aka artsy-fartsy poncey poop for lonely depressed nerds) since I was 13, and needed something new. I guess I was tired of being lonely, depressed, and nerdy.

Well, between P-funk, Bootsy, Commodores, Earth Wind & Fire, and loads of other funk, plus big doses of Herbie Hancock, Weather Report, and Miles Davis, I left all that nerdiness in the dust in a hurry! I was having a good time, I was LIVING! I owe a great debt of gratitude to my old friend Jim Good, who rescued me from musical oblivion and showed how to put my foot on the One.

Good bless Chocolate City and its vanilla suburbs,

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