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[ Edited by: tikifreak on 2004-12-20 12:22 ]

Cool idea. Did you or are you going to carve out the back for shelves? That would be a good way to hide pump motors, cord and tubes, food etc..


Very Nice:
I had a similar idea. It's nice to see a similar vision made into a reality.

How much do you charge for a masterpiece like that?

Tiki furniture is it. I made one well over a year ago. Bong is the caretaker now. It's funny, cause all the stuff we are doing now has been done years ago. Ancient Hawaiian tikis had carved-out cubby holes to hold stuff, too.

Cool! It looks like from the pic that you used particle board for the top and bottom. If so, you might want to change it out with plywood and heavy coats of poly. You can trim the edge with rope or? Particle board will swell and self destruct with moisture, unless you seal the crap out of it. Tiki furniture is cool!

Pages: 1 4 replies