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Oh yeah...my other non-tiki latest creation.........

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So,...My girl decided she wanted a Volcano for her birthday (July 4th) we could shoot fireworks out of after our visit to Disneys "Polynesian Resorts Pool", so to please her.....I went at it with a brainstorm, a few beers and an attitude of determination. This is the result. I had the dry ice pouring the smoke all day for our "July 4th/her birthday party". She was stoked as was everyone else....I installed a piece of air duct up the middle to shoot the fireworks out of it. The "morters" sounded awesome. There's never a dull moment around my pad............What's next? Who knows......I just got a new "sandrail" project to work on....here's a pic. See, it's never ending.


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I made EXACTLY the same thing for our wedding, but rigged it with a fog machine and red floodlight inside, making the smoke glow a nice lave red. And then before leaving for our honeymoon, I doused the thing will all the leftover Tiki Torch Oil and burned that sucker down! Whoooo-hoooooo! I had my 7 year old Nephew with me, and we sacrificed a whole bag of Toy Soldiers. Well, minus about 9 we floated away on Balloons! I love that Kid!

Klas posted on Fri, Jul 25, 2003 12:10 PM

I've also started some construction work on a volcano for my backyard :D

Here's a detail shot:

That's pretty damned cool...what's it made of?

HA! You almost had me there Klas! The skeptic that I am, always has me doing research before I truly believe what I read on the internet (including posts on TC).

That's the "Weirs Beach Water Slide" in Maine. Here is the website where the picture is from BK:


Klas posted on Fri, Jul 25, 2003 1:01 PM

SugarCaddyDaddy, unfortunately you're right. I wonder what it would cost me to hire these guys for some serious backyard designing :D

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