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To all who haven't heard the news, my best friend and fellow tiki lover, Kimmy Hayes, and her loving husband, Drew AceyTiki Evensen, were in a very tragic car crash on Friday in Portland. It started snowing very badly as they were coming back from spending a nice snow day together when the two swerved off the road and into a tree.
Sadly, Kimmy passed away on impact and the medical help on scene was unable to resuscitate her.

However, thankfully, not everyone was lost, and Drew was taken to the hospital with hope from the doctors that he will recover well.

Drew is still at the hospital now in critical condition, but the doctors are continuing to say that his body will be okay; though I know with the loss of his loving wife, his heart may never heal.

They were loved by so many and were a a big part of the tiki community. They were engaged at Tiki Ti. Went to many Tiki Oasis' and Kon Tiki events. They even got married about a year and a half ago in Maui with a tiki inspired wedding.

Many people have been asking if there is anything they can do to help, so if you want you can donate to the link below. The funds will be going to many things dealing with the loss of Kimmy and medical expenses for Drew to get better.

Thank You all- Honey Graham

That's so tragic. My heart goes out to everyone who knows them.

My heart goes out to Kimmy & Drew & their families
speedy recovery Drew, unfortunately at these times no words can really convey
our sense of loss.....

So unbelievably tragic.

Prayers go out to their friends, family and our Tiki Ohana.

Sad news all around.

This stinks, her posts were always upbeat and enthusiastic.


I'm so sorry for your loss.


So sorry to read this.

Words don't work at moments like this. My thoughts are with their friends and family.

So sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with you and all the friends and family.

Very sorry too hear this :(. I did not know them but it is sad regardless. My sympathy goes out to their family and friends. Hope Drew remains strong after his recovery.


I met Kimmy and Drew through our mutual friend Honey at Tiki Oasis 3 years ago. They were such a fun, enthusiastic, tiki loving couple and it breaks my heart that this tragedy has happened to them. My condolences to Drew, their families and friends and to you Honey; as one of her closest friends I know that this loss has been incredibly difficult for you. Thank you for sharing the love, spirit and memory of Kimmy. Rest in paradise Kimmy, we will miss you and your wonderful aloha spirit so much.


OMG I am so so sorry to hear this!!! Ive followed their posts, sorry I never got to meet these two!!!! they looked like a great couple in love

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