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Hawiian shirt run-in at the OC Fair

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I've been doing some work for my Dad at the fair receintly (No, Bong, he's not a carney) and as I was taking a break to grab some food, this guy approaches me and asks where I got my Hawiian shirt from. I told him, I found it in a thrift store for about four bucks. After examining the tag on my shirt he tells me that he collects vintage aloha shirt and knows just about everything about them.

Now, I've always been into the bar cloth Hawiian shirts that are pre mid-sixties but I've never really cared about knowing the maker or the worth of the shirts. So, after examining my shirt, he goes on to tell me that my shirt is worth in the neighborhood of four to five hundred dollars! Yowza! Ain't that something?

I let him in on TC and he told me if I really want to find some cool tikis to go to Bone Productions and talk to Crazy Al. I was like, man I know that bastard. What a small world. I guess he also knows Ben, of the Bamboo fame. The guy's name was Brian I think.

Pretty cool stuff. Tiki and Hawiiana fans are everywhere. He told me that I should take the shirt to a good dry cleaner and have it pressed and put in a frame for safe keeping. I told him, this shirt's got many more drinking nights left in it before it retires.

Hey Lucky-

I know that dude! He is a compulsive liar and has many bizarre fetishes! He likes to see young, rockabilly type men/boys take off hawaiian shirts. Good thing you didn't take his $ offer cause you'd be on his website! (did you notice the hidden camera?)

What a world, what a world...

By the way, does anybody know any good books on the pricing of vintage hawiian shirts? I've seen that big hard bound book, "The Aloha Shirt" but that's more of a history and not so much a reference guide.

It's only worth what someone is willing to pay ya for it! I'd hit eBay or some stores. Price guides get out of date fast (and it's my theory mostly authored by dealers trying to drive up prices!)

Thanks Atomic

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