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WHAT IS TIKI: Description in Travel+Leisure July issue

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More ink for tiki, described as reincarnating the "rat pack" as the "rattan pack"

The article's description of tiki:

Hawaiian music
Disneyland's Enchanted Tiki Room
Martin Denny
Kirsten's BOT
Teitelbaum's Tiki Road Trip
Pottery Barn's tiki bar & huts for tikes
Bosko (Venus/Taboo Cove omitted) (inexcusable & sloppy research in my opinion)
the closing of the Kahiki (great picture)
tiki torches
Polynesian Pop
Scorpion bowls

Tiki palaces:

Mai Kai
Tonga Room
Trader Vics
Hala Kahiki (Chicago)
Waiki Wally's (NY)

Best quote:

"That's the attraction of all thins tiki: Artificats from a mythical paradise -- Easter Island drink mugs, pineapple-shaped patio lights are authentically inauthentic in their exoticism."

Whe! I'm glad they told me!


They left out:
spending endless hours shopping for tiki's, taking vacations that center around tiki's, and only doing activities that involve drinking & tiki's.

I think that covers it?

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