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Aloha From The Leloi Lounge!

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We have company coming next week, so I decided it was high time I got off my ass and finish our Sun Porch. When we moved in last winter, I intended to go the whole 9 yards and cover the wall with matting, but this spring when we installed the Skirting and lights, my Wife decided she really liked the "Beach House" vibe so we left the walls as is. So my Grandmother supplied us with her old Ship's Wheel Mirror, and I started on the corner Bar. Not nearly enough "clutter" yet, but it's a start. And of course, the one who uses it the most, Leroy(Leloi).

[ Edited by: badmojo on 2003-07-21 12:33 ]


Mighty fine, badmojo! Very tasteful, feels nice and cosy despite lack of clutter. Keep up the good work!


Thanks Em! It is very Cozy. We had a wicked Thunderstorm tonight, and the rain is amazing on the tin roof. I threw on my "Rain Forest" CD just for the hell of it and cranked up the subwoofer to the point where it rumbled through the floors. I was hoping it would cause ripples in my Tiki Mug -ala- Jurassic Park, but alas!

Excellent! Thanks for posting.

"One's home should always be one's tiki hut."

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